pest control pickering

Pesticon, Ontario’s best pest control company, is recognized as the trendsetter in pest control by HomeStars and Better Business Bureau with a rating of 9.9 and A+ respectively.

Pesticon team of professionals is equipped with the necessary skills to help you get rid of the following pests in your home or business premises.

  • Mice
  • Bed bugs
  • Termites
  • Ants … and all other insects/animals

Pesticon is a fully licensed firm and it provides pest control services in Southern Ontario including the Pickering area.

Mice Control Services

Mice invade your home or business and cause immediate hygiene issues. They are carriers of disease-causing organisms and they can transmit diseases from one person to another. Is your home or business infested by mice and you don’t know what to do?

Pesticon is here to provide the solution. Our experts are skilled and will help you eliminate mice in your premises. We use traps and other techniques to ensure that every area invaded by the mice is cleared.

Bed Bug Control Services

Bedbugs are really bothering when they enter your home or business. They blood-sucking king pests and they bit people at night causing irritation and stressful nights. At Pesticon, our team of experts has come up with the best method of controlling bedbugs.

Use of heat and chemical treatment is the only way that can guarantee you a bed bugs free environment. We offer this service at any place in Pickering and we ensure that all your matters are resolved.

Termite Control in Pickering

Wooden frames, building fittings, beams, attics, walls and even furniture are highly vulnerable to termite infestation. Termites are harmful pests that should be controlled at all cost to ensure that your valuables remain intact. If you find termites in your home or business, you should consider seeking help from Pesticon immediately.

We have vast experience in termite control guarantee our results! Our team of professional will be at your service. Termites are removed through measures such as

  • monitoring
  • bait device
  • foundation control
  • heat treatment
  • gas fumigation

Ant Control in Pickering

Ants are pests that cause a lot of distress in our homes and business. They are small and they move in numbers searching for something to feed on. They are of different species and some exceptions are slightly dangerous as they sting or bite thus, causing irritation. If you live in Pickering and your house or business premises are plagued by these ants, contact Pesticon instantly.

We ensure that we mark out the source of the ants’ colony and destroy them permanently and ensure that you have an ant free environment with peace of mind.