Pest & Animal Control Services in Milton

Our company is among the best in pest control in Milton and the greater Toronto area. Pesticon helps existing and potential clients to keep their property free from insects, animals, rodents and other harmful pests.

We offer free consultation on the same day, guaranteed removal of pests in your premises. We have been rated among the best company in the pest control by various rating companies like HomeStars and Better Business Bureau. Pesticon business is built on honesty, quality and consistency service to our consumers in Milton.

Our technicians are trained to high standards so they are able to solve clients’ problem quickly and efficiently to ensure a rapid return to pest free environment. We remove all kinds of insects such as bed bugs, fleas, ant, bees, cockroaches, termites, centipedes, and hornets etc. we are also experts in animal and rodents control such as mice/mouse and rats.

We are licensed to operate in residences and businesses across Southern Ontario, with thousands of satisfied clients in Milton.

Mice control & removal services

A mouse is a little rodent but are dangerous pests. It is advisable to take action at the first sign of mouse infestation because the population grows rapidly and extremely difficult to eradicate. Mice carry all sorts of disease that can cause severe reactions in human beings and especially on children who are highly vulnerable.

Rodents can destroy clothing; important documents if they enter where they are stored in order to construct their nests. We have the capacity to exterminate these rodents by tracing their source in your premises and deploy several experimented techniques to remove them.

Termite removal services

Termites and carpenter ants can cause great damage for your property or business premises. If termites are not immediately checked, they will cause huge damage to one’s property.

Our company has highly trained and experienced experts in the removal of termites and exterminating them in the Milton area. Pesticon uses different methods to exterminate termites:

  • Gas fumigation and heat treatment
  • Bait devices and continuous monitoring of the termites

Ants control 

Ants are small, gentle, but there is a disruptive side to them! Ants are known to cause great damages in one’s food stores and property. There are different types/species e.g. Army ants, grease ants, sugar ants, wood ants, pavement ants and field ants etc. Ants leave an invisible chemical trail which contains pheromones for others to follow once they locate the food source.

If ants come across harmful pesticide they will avoid it and use other route. They can nest about any where in and around your house in lawns, walls, stumps, even under foundations. We are the Milton expert in ant removal and locating nests. Pesticon acknowledges that different kinds of ants’ infestations require different treatments.

Bed Bug control 

Bed Bugs are tiny, flat wingless, reddish brown in colour insects that are hard to spot, thus causing a challenge in controlling them. There various signs that one is dealing with bed bug menace these include: blood stains in sheets, bite marks all in a line on your skins, droppings in the mattress and sometimes seeing the bed bug physically.

They hide during the day on beds, walls, furniture and floors and come out at night. Pesticon has well trained experts to handle bed bugs menace in Milton. When our client is faced with such a problem Pesticon experts use different forms to exterminate bed bugs:

  1. Chemical treatment: These are specialized pesticides manufactured to exterminate bed bugs.
  2. Heat treatment: This is the application of high heat to kill bed bugs.