What You Should Know in Vaughan About Bed Bugs’ Life Cycle

Bed bugs are the most frustrating pests and can spoil your nights by continuously biting you. They are the most difficult pest to get rid of. Vaughan is a hotspot for these annoying bugs, and they infest homes, hotels, offices, and more. Even the cleanest of hotels are not safe from these pesky pests. Getting rid of them is also not an easy task, and you need to contact a pest exterminator for bed bug removal in Vaughan to live in your residential space stress-free.

Bed Bugs’ Life Cycle

The worst thing about bedbug infestation is that it is hard to control due to their tiny sizes. For the same reason, exterminating them is not easy either. If you want to know in Vaughan how bed bugs convert from eggs to adult bed bugs, you should know their life cycle. Bedbugs go through seven stages and grow into an adult. Those stages are:

Stage 1: Egg

The bed bug eggs are milky white. They are around 1 mm in length, so it is hard to notice them. Bed bug eggs are very much the same size as a pinhead.

Stage 2: Nymph 1

Nymph 1 is the first stage of bed bugs as nymphs and the second stage in the life cycle. Nymphs can start feeding instantly. However, bed bugs cannot breed until they are mature. Nymph 1 is 1.5 mm in length.

Stage 3: Nymph 2

Nymph 2 is the second stage of bed bugs as nymphs and the third stage in the life cycle. This stage begins when bed bugs go through their first moult. Nymph 2 is about 2.0 mm long.

Stage 4: Nymph 3

Nymph 3 is the third stage of bed bugs as nymphs and the fourth stage in the life cycle. This stage begins when bed bugs moult again. Nymph 3 is about 2.5 mm long.

Stage 5: Nymph 4

Nymph 4 is the fourth stage of bed bugs as nymphs and the fifth stage in the life cycle. Nymph 4 is about 3.0 mm long.

Stage 6: Nymph 5

Nymph 5 is the last stage of bed bugs as nymphs and the sixth stage in the life cycle. Nymph 5  is the stage when bed bugs can reach almost 4.5 in length.

Stage 7: Nymph 6

Bed bugs turn into adults within five weeks. At this point, they can breed. An adult bed bug can survive for four to six months.

Why Should Not You Ignore Bedbug Infestation in Vaughan?

Bed bugs are small and hide in spots, such as beds or rest areas in your home. It happens at the early stage of the infestation. Once the infestation becomes severe, they spread out to the other furniture in your house. Therefore, it is crucial for you to completely exterminate bed bugs plus their eggs from hatching before they become a nuisance for you. You should waste no time and contact a pest control service for bed bug removal in Vaughan from your property for good.


Bedbug control in Vaughan is frustrating for everyone. They can make you anxious, stressed, and uncomfortable. It is essential to understand the bedbug life cycle to know how these bugs start feeding on human blood and breed. Bedbugs’ life cycle has seven stages, including eggs, nymphs (1,2,3,4,5), and adults. Lastly, if you want to exterminate bedbugs from your property in Vaughan permanently, you should consult a bedbug control service.

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