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Pesticon Pest Control removes wasps nest quickly from your home or business in Mississauga. We Guarantee wasps nest removal - If they return within six months, we'll repeat the entire procedure free of any additional cost.

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Get Pesticon's Help to Effectively Deal With Wasps Nest in Mississauga

Residential or commercial space should be something you can enjoy. When wasps invade your property, problems arise, turning what should be peaceful into irritating and sometimes even dangerous. Wasps are the most prominent and problematic pest that can easily ruin your day and possibly your work. Wasps are unwanted guests that can make it almost impossible to focus on your tasks. According to a recent survey-based report, wasps are not just annoying; they're dangerous for humans and pets. If you or a loved one get a wasp sting, they can be difficult to remove safely and cause serious illnesses, especially if you are allergic.

Don't let the threat of wasps ruin your work or family life. It's the right time to connect with a professional wasps nest removal service in Mississauga so that your home or business can stay safe. No matter if wasps build a sticky or wax-like substance in your property, call us to secure your pets and family members from severe attack. At Pesticon, we offer professional pest removal services to residents and businesses in Mississauga and beyond.

Our Guarantee

Pesticon offers the best pest control warranty and services in Toronto backed by our 6 Months Guarantee. We will even visit your property free of charge if your pest problem persists as your satisfaction is our number one priority!

Why Contact Pesticon to Remove Wasps From Your Home or Building

By merging the newest equipment and trained technicians, we offer efficient wasps nest removal services to businesses and residents of Mississauga. We take every measure to completely remove wasp nests from your home, shop, restaurant, warehouse, etc.

  • We utilize techniques that control wasp infestations in the future.
  • We know how to tackle wasps without harming you or your family or employees
  • Our local pest control technicians will check your home or office for wasps nest removal
  • We provide a custom quote as per your needs to permanently remove the wasp's nests
  • Our professionals will follow protective methods to eliminate wasps forever from your property
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What Type Of Wasps Does Your Mississauga Property Have?

It's important to know what species of wasp is terrorizing your property to get rid of them in the best way. There are three main types of wasps Mississauga businesses and homeowners have to deal with. 

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  • Paper Wasps

    If you spot wasps with long bodies and long legs, then paper wasps are active around your property. They love to build big nests easily spotted by human eyes, and their combs are also clearly visible. Paper wasps usually build nests in sheltered areas such as the roof's edge that overhangs the exterior siding or the end of an open pipe. They don't wait to attack if they feel threatened. Paper wasps sting are painful and dangerous for people with different allergies.

  • Yellow Jackets

    If you spot a wasp with big thick black antennae and shorter legs, then the chances are high that yellow jackets are building nests in your property. Yellow Jackets make papery-looking and covered nests underground or in tree stumps, attics, walls, and even inside recycling bins. They are very aggressive and have the potential to sting multiple times. When a yellow jacket stings you, it injects venom that causes sudden pain. You may also experience reddening, swelling, and itching in your skin.

  • Hornets

    Hornets have white markings on its head and thorax with orange markings. They prefer to build paper nests in wall cavities underneath eaves, tree bark, rotten logs, and shrubs. Stings by hornets cause pain, redness, swelling, and itching. It may be serious if you have an allergy.

How to Get Rid Of Wasps Nest?

We understand a wasp's nest in or around your home is a sign of danger, especially if you have small children, pets, or employees with an allergy to wasp stings. Even if you're not allergic, a wasp sting can be painful. The best way to deal with wasps is to call a wasps nest removal company in Mississauga. Whether you're allergic to stings or don't want to see wasps around your property, our certified team will help you get rid of the wasp's nest. From protective clothing to pesticide spray and smoke, you can try different ways to exterminate wasps from your residence.


Protective Wear

It's crucial to consider protective wear when it comes to getting rid of a wasp's nest on your own. The protective gear will help you to prevent getting stung. Ensure to opt for long denim, leather socks and boots, hoodies, leather gloves, scarves, and protective glasses. Try to consider clothes that you can discard immediately after the DIY extermination process.

Choosing the Right Time

If you plan to get rid of a wasps nest independently, the night is the best time. This is because wasps are least active in the dark, so they are less aggressive. Do remember not to use a flashlight as it will invite the wasps to attack you. When performing nighttime treatment of a wasp nest, it is highly recommended to utilize amber-colored light for safe visibility. It has been noticed that sunset and sunrise are ideal times to target the nest before they become active.

Have an Escape Plan

Before executing wasps nest removal plan, ensure to build an escape plan to avoid the attack. It is a good idea to have an escape plan before spraying or smoking the nest surrounding as wasps will quickly leave their habitat and might hurt you. With an escape plan, you can quickly secure yourself after targeting their nest. Also, make sure that there are no pets or children in the area you are exterminating to avoid harm.

Spraying the Wasps Nest

If you plan to use a specifically designed spray to get rid of wasps, you should read the safety measures shared in the back section of the can. Do make sure to spray the wasps' nest appropriately after wearing protective clothing. Usually, it takes 10 to 15 seconds to spray the wasps' nest as per the instructions written on the can. Once you spray quickly, vacate the area and observe the nest from a distance. If you spot wasps around the nest after a day or two, repeat the process. Don't forget to take down the nest and dispose of it properly with any dead wasps immediately.

Using Dish Soap

If you're willing to remove wasps from your property instantly, then you should use dish soap and water. Dish soap is an effective method of killing off wasps and preventing them from attacking as soap solution sticks to their wings. After you prepare a soapy solution, carefully target wasps nest by using a protective gear kit. Ensure to use a nose-end spray bottle to target the nest's entrance for 10 to 15 sec. You can simply pour the soapy solution directly into the wasps' nest and quickly vacate the area for the ground nest. When soapy water comes in direct contact with each wasp, it can kill it immediately.

Insecticidal Dust

If you found a ground nest of wasps inside your property, insecticidal dust is the ideal method. For this, you will need to arrange some insecticidal dust in a disposable cup. During the dark time, apply the dust on the wasps' nest after wearing the proper protective gear. Do allow the wasps to exit freely. They will not survive for long. If not, you can repeat the insecticidal dust process to exterminate wasps entirely from your property.

Smoking Wasps Nests

Using smoke is a popular way of exterminating wasps active in your commercial or residential property in Mississauga. Ensure to watch the video tutorial to learn the correct way to build a small fire to eliminate the wasps' nest. As the smoke enters the nest, wasps will be forced to vacate the nest due to suffocation. Don't miss to knock the nest down with a stick when you are sure that the nest is empty. This method is only effective for wasp's nest that is visible in the property's outdoor area. If you plan to remove the wasps' nest inside your building, it is not the right idea. This is because flames may accidentally set your structure on fire. Do keep in mind to keep a fire extinguisher near you before applying the smoking method.

Boiling Water

It is the easiest way to get rid of wasps nest from your home or business in Mississauga. By pouring a bucket of boiling water on the wasps' nest, you immediately kill scores of wasps. Quickly and carefully, vacate the area once you target the wasps' nest with the bucket of water. Usually, this method involves coming in very close contact with the wasp's nest, so you need to consider nighttime and wear protective clothes.

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What Is The Simplest Way To Remove Wasps Nest?

In most situations, it's best to connect with a professional wasps nest removal company in Mississauga that has a proven track record of removing wasps from your homes or offices. If you are unable to remove the nest on your own, try our PRO exterminator today. We know wasp nests present in a hard-to-reach location can give you a tough time, such as a wall, attic, or roof.

Our certified professionals are ready to help you if you don't want to put yourself in danger. Undoubtedly, approaching a wasp's nest can be incredibly dangerous and deadly if things go wrong. So don't waste your time anymore; call our support team right away to protect your family, employees, customers, and pets from deadly wasps.

Don't Let Wasps Stop You from Safely Living or Working

If you need a professional pest control company in Mississauga to take care of the hard work of wasps nest removal, Pesticon is the top choice. Our certified technicians will work with you to eliminate the threat of wasps attack and leave you enjoying your time with your loved ones. We are confident that you will be 100% satisfied with the results. If you spot a wasp in your property at any time up to six months, we will serve you for free.

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  • Dedicated Team

    Through a dedicated team, we offer a highly reliable pest control service for wasps nest removal. Our trained team takes every measure to make your home and commercial space wasp-free in record time. All you need to do is to connect with our support team specialist to leverage decades' experience of dealing with different types of wasps. We are focused on offer long-term peace of mind to residents and businesses of Mississauga.

  • Maximum Protection

    Our pest control company is fully licensed. We utilize only environment-friendly products and practices to remove wasps nests per the Pest Control Products Acts and Regulations. We ensure to exterminate wasps permanently without harming your family, employees, customers, pets, and surroundings. If you are interested in permanently removing wasps nests from your commercial or residential space, contact our local wasp removal professional today.

  • 6 Month Warranty

    Our wasps removal services in Mississauga are backed by six months warranty. We will serve you for free if wasps come back to your residential or commercial space in our warranty period. If you want to say goodbye to wasps forever from your property, then you should consider calling us today. We ensure to offer you long-term relief from wasps and different types of pests that are commonly found in Mississauga.

  • Latest Equipment

    We utilize cutting-edge equipment to exterminate all types of wasps from home, office, restaurant, shop, or any place in Mississauga with proficient knowledge. Our pest control teams are well trained and utilize new-age tactics to exterminate wasps nests without harming property, humans, and animals. If you want to experience hassle-free wasps removal service in Mississauga, then Pesticon is the right choice.

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