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Pesticon Pest Control removes termites anywhere in or around your home or business in Mississauga. We Guarantee termite removal - If they return, we'll take care of it without any extra charges.

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Remove Termites From Your Home or Business in Mississauga

As one of the most resilient and aggressive pests to take up residence in your wooden structure, termites need complete and quick elimination in Mississauga. We provide the comprehensive termite control services required to rid your property of any termite infestation. Guaranteed!

Termites are a big risk for property owners in Mississauga as they can cause the most financial damage and harm to people. Termites routinely damage the wooden structure of the home from inside and underground. They're such dangerous pests that can harm you more than your expectations. By the time you find out, they have damaged your property. Not only does it lower your property value, but it also puts you and your loved ones in danger.

Therefore it is essential to control termites to secure a significant amount of your investment in a residential or commercial building. If you fail to control these little buggers, they will chew all the wooden structures of your property. Consider Pesticon for Termite Control in Mississauga to save thousands of dollars worth of damage. We enable you to increase your property value by removing termites permanently.

Our Guarantee

Pesticon offers the best pest control warranty and services in Toronto backed by our 6 Months Guarantee. We will even visit your property free of charge if your pest problem persists as your satisfaction is our number one priority!

Why Hire Pesticon to Remove Termites From Your Home or Building

It is our top priority to deal with termites quickly and effectively by using our team of experts. At Pesticon, we have trained and certified pest control professionals that effectively control and eliminate termites in residential and commercial spaces without hurting anyone. If you're committed to getting rid of termite infestations, you should call us to get optimum results. 

  • We leverage Industry-leading technology and methods to combat effectively with termites.
  • With years of termite removal experience, we serve commercial and residential premises.
  • We offer a tailored solution to remove termites from your property permanently
  • We are ranked among top-rated local Termites Control companies in Mississauga
  • We utilize a dedicated team and highly effective techniques to control termites for decades.
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How to Identify a Termite Infestation in Mississauga

You will be glad to know that there are different techniques to identify termite infestations across homes or businesses. However, it requires professional equipment and training to uncover termite colonies down in your home or business' wooden structure. You can access the attic, cracks, joints, and fuse boxes for a quick fix. Following are few alarming signs that confirm termites infestation in your home or business foundation.

Hollow Wood

One of the best ways to identify a terminate infestation in a wooden material is to knock or tap the surface. If you hear a soft thud or hollow sound, the chances are high that termites are present in it. For in-depth testing, you can use professional equipment or simply a screwdriver. Merely press the screwdriver on the wooden surface to quickly discover the presence of little creatures hiding inside it.

Mud Tubes

Sometimes termites create their own path of mud to reach the soil. If you spot mud tubes that are made up of wood and dirt on your property, it means termites are damaging it. Even if you cannot find out their presence, that doesn't mean they are gone now. They might be busy damaging other materials of wood present in your home or business.

Head Banging

If you hear an odd clicking sound from the walls, roof, or shelf of your building, termites are active inside it. When termites detect a threat, they bang their heads against the wood to show a sign of danger to the rest of the colony.

Swarm Evidence

When termites are busy creating a new colony, they shed their wings in piles. So if you spot many scattered wings on the wooden surface, termites might be expanding inside it.

Peeling Paint

When termites are focused on damaging drywall, they dig deep in the space between them to form a bubble or peel. If your wooden material paint buckles, it is another sign your property might be at risk of a termite infestation.

Seeing Live Termites

Usually, home and business owners in Mississauga come across some live termites. It's essential to learn about terminates types of wings, size, thickness, and straight antennas to avoid confusion.

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What Are DIY Ways To Get Rid Of Termites In Mississauga?

You can use more than a dozen DIY ways to eliminate and prevent termites in residential or commercial properties. But a wise decision is to connect with a professional pest control service in Mississauga to save time and money. If you find termites infestation in your home or business, you need to get rid of it as soon as possible. There are different ways to identify termites' presence and damages in-home or business, from hollow-sounding wood to mud tubes. It is crucial to invest in high-quality products and equipment to exterminate termites permanently from a commercial or residential building. Have a look below to reveal DIY ways to get rid of termites from your property like an expert.

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Termite Barriers

Depending on the level of termite infestation, you can purchase some professional termite extermination products that are legal in Mississauga. Ensure to carefully apply termite extermination products in your property's exterior perimeter to create an effective barrier. By doing this, you can stop termites from entering the space and kill them if they do. This method works to control the spreading virus of termites effectively. It also helps to exterminate the colonies of termites present in your wooden property structure.

Direct Chemicals

Natural chemicals are another way to get rid of termites damaging your property on a day-to-day basis. All you need to do is to spot termites infestation to deploy this method immediately. Don't miss applying this method directly to wooden cracks, voids, and crevices with termites. This technique will help you to destroy places where termites live and breed. The odourless chemical will work as a poison for termites and eliminate them as soon as they pass through it. This method helps to get rid of termites for a month or more.

Termite Bait

Termite baits are the most effective method to kill termites around the property. For this, you will need to install bait in the perimeter of your property foundation to attract termites that are damaging it. The poison in the bait will exterminate termites without any delay. If you are aware of termite infestations, you should bring a termite bait to effortlessly get rid of their colonies.

Spot Treatment

If you spot a termite infestation in painted or finished wood, then you can choose a spot treatment. First, ensure to drill and fill holes of the infested area to combat dry wood termites effectively. Try to drill holes on every termite-infested wood by keeping them 10 inches apart. You may feel some resistance in case you hit their habitat. After drilling, fill the holes with environment-friendly products to exterminate termites from finished wood. Use patches to close up the holes once you fill them with the treatment product.

Essential Oils

There is no denying that orange oil and neem oil play a significant role in killing termites' colonies with ease. However, this process is slow and takes an ample amount of time and energy to target termites and their eggs. Once you prepare the solution with your desired oil, apply it over the infested place. For instance, you can put ten drops of your chosen oil on the infested places to get the best results. You can also purchase ready-made neem oil spray or orange oil spray to get rid of termites in a hassle-free manner.

Boric Acid

Boric acid is a hard to ignore method for exterminating termites from commercial or residential spaces. Many professional termite control service providers in Mississauga use boric acid due to their highly effective results. By utilizing Boric acid, you can dehydrate termites and negatively affect their nervous system. You just need to spray cracks and crevices in floors, walls, and ceilings day-to-day with the boric acid to exterminate termites effectively from your property.

Diatomaceous Earth

This diatomaceous process kills termites by damaging their exoskeleton and dehydrating them. Diatomaceous earth is made up of elements that work to get rid of termites from the wooden structure of your home or business rapidly. Make sure to spread the powder around places where you spot termites. Once termites crawl over it, they will die instantly

Cardboard Trap

If you are well aware of the places of termite infestation, then you must try cardboard traps. You need to place two wet pieces of cardboard to prepare a DIY bait. This bait will help you to attract termites so that you can burn them outside of your home. This is an effective method to trap all kinds of termites quickly and effectively.

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