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We are specialized in removing rodents from homes & businesses in Mississauga. We Guarantee you will not see rodents again on your property - If they return within six months, we'll serve you free of cost.

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Want A Rodent Free Home Or Business in Mississauga?

No doubt rodents are notorious for spreading diseases across homes or businesses in Mississauga. Numerous facts and statistics prove why homeowners and businesses should consider getting rodents out from their property. You might not surprise to know that Mississauga is a hot spot for rodents. Scientists have detected at least 35 diseases transmitted by rodents. These diseases can be spread to humans directly if anyone comes into contact with rodent feces, urine, saliva, or through rodent bites. Unfortunately, the number of people affected by rodent disease has doubled in Mississauga. If you want to make your home or business a safe place for family, employees, and pets, our pest control services can play an important part. Our professional rodent control services in Mississauga provide superior prevention and control. We can help protect your property from rodent's damages. Call us to make your home or business in Mississauga a safe and happy place to be.

Our Guarantee

Pesticon offers the best pest control warranty and services in Toronto backed by our 6 Months Guarantee. We will even visit your property free of charge if your pest problem persists as your satisfaction is our number one priority!

Why Choose Pesticon for Rodent Control in Mississauga?

We tailor our rodent control services to each property's needs and owner preferences. Our trained rodent removal professionals thoroughly inspect your property to identify areas that are potentially hospitable to rodents and work with you to treat them. 

  • We have all the latest equipment for rodents control in Mississauga
  • We provide cost-effective and hassle-free services
  • We guarantee long-term relief to home and business owners
  • We offer custom quotes as per the need of the client and infestation
  • We ensure to provide safe and environment-friendly services to remove rodents
  • We only follow safe, secure, and hygienic rodent control approaches
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Rodents Control Service – How it Works

Wondering how to get rid of rodents from your residential or commercial space? Our pest control company professionals will work with you on ways to defend your home or business against rodents, including barrier treatments around your property if needed. Our rodents control will targets where rats, mice, and squirrels live and breed on your property. Once our professionals figure out prime spots of rodents around your property, we create an effective plan that works to eliminate and prevent future rodents infestations in your property. Our technicians routinely inspect your property to safeguard it against rodent damages in the future. If you want to ensure long-term relief from any rodents, you should connect with our wildlife control services in Mississauga.

What Are the Best Ways to Get Rid Of Rodents

Everyone needs to learn quick ways to deal with rodents in residential or commercial property. Take a look below to keep the rodent out of your property in a proven manner.

1. Seal Up Entry Points

By sealing up entry points of rodents in your home or business, you can effectively control infestations from expanding. If you want to defend your property from rats, house mice, squirrels, and beavers, then you should take measures to eliminate their entry points. Ensure to conduct a deep analysis and notice every spot from where they get easy access to your house, restaurant, office, warehouse, or workstation. This can be time-consuming as rodents can hide into tiny holes or openings, but you can trace them if you keep trying. An effective way to trace and seal their entry is to close cracks, holes, or gaps around your property. This is because cracks and openings can ruin the foundation of your building as well as give quick access to rodents for transportation. Ensure to keep a close eye on utility pipes, vents, plastic material, rubber accessories, and wooden stuff. Don't miss to close door and window gaps to control the entry of unwanted creatures effectively.

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2. Use Professional Tools

The best way to get rid of rodents is to invest in professional tools like mouse traps. The classic wooden snap traps will help you to inform about the movement of the rodent population. Do keep in mind never to underestimate rodent infestations as there may be a rodent family residing on your property in Mississauga. It's a good idea to start small and bring in a multiple-capture live trap by spending a hefty amount of money. Ensure to purchase wooden traps if you plan to remove rodents from a wooden structure or outdoor area. It will give you a better chance to catch rodent that roams near wooden furniture or garden. Also, you can always call Pesticon for all your rodent control issues in Mississauga. We are just a phone call away.

3. Try Different Bait for Traps

Whether you want to trap mice or any wildlife, ensure to try different food items to get success in your mission. From cheese and chocolate spread to peanut butter, oatmeal, fruits, vegetables, and hazelnut, there is a wide variety of food items that you can try to meet all your needs related to trapping a rodent. Once you get a variety of food, ensure to set the baited trap by tying it to the trigger and the fishing line. By doing this, you will easily lure the rodent to come across and get caught in the trap. Don't miss to replace bait if the specific foodstuff isn't working to trap the rodent. At Pesticon, we know exactly what type of rodent you are dealing with and the best baits to lure it out.

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4. Change Trap Locations

It is important to place the trap in the correct position, no matter if you want to trap rodents inside or outside the area of your property. If you're going to trap the rodents entering the kitchen or rooms, you should keep the trap along the walls. Usually, rodents travel 10 to 20 feet to reach their food source, so try to place traps near the food source.  This way, you will easily catch the rodent who is hiding anywhere in your residential or commercial building. Don't miss to change trap locations every two days in case you fail to capture rodents. Some rodents are naturally curious, so they recognized traps.

5. Use Bait Stations

There are numerous readymade bait stations, also known as bait packages, available over the internet, which you can purchase to trap rodents. They are sealed packets containing food or pellets that are preferred by rodents. You can easily get bait stations in different materials, including but not limited to plastic, paper, and cellophane wrapping. It is specifically designed to motivate rodents to pass through it to get the bait and got captured. It helps get rid of rodents, but it should be handled securely by a trained person for maximum safety of children and pets. At Pesticon, we make sure that you, your family, and your pets are safe throughout the extermination process and even after that.

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6. Keep Your Property Clean

Homeowners and businesses need to keep their property clean when it comes to getting rid of rodents. Ensure to vacuum your floors and throw out garbage daily to eliminate the access of rodent's food sources. Do remember to refrigerate food items or keep them in air-tight glass jars. Many rodents have sharp teeth, which they use to chew plastic, wood, and hard surface. Don't leave food in plastic bags as hungry rodents easily target them. Minimize rodent's food supplies that are present around your property, including an excessive plantation.  Keep your garden green and clean to easily identity rodents roaming in it. Protecting your home or office foundation with a strip of heavy gravel is an effective way to get rid of rodents. The fewer plantations around your property, the easier you can spot rodent presence to avoid hassles.

How to Hire Professional Rodent Removal Company

Rodents are unwelcome guests that can seriously affect your health and damage your property. From foodstuff to jewelry items, electrical wires, wooden structures, and many more, everything is at high risk when rodents are active in your home or office. If you want to remove rodents from your property, you should choose the best company for rodent control in Mississauga. By doing this, you will evict the unwanted guests and stop them from revisiting your property for a long time.

  • Look For a Trained Team

    Ensure to look for a rodent control service in Mississauga that has specifically trained teams to deal with the different types of rodents. This is because experienced professionals will help you effectively plan to identity and control rodents present in your residential or commercial space. Moreover, they will help you secure your home or office furniture and accessories while focusing on your needs.

  • Check Types Of Equipment

    There is no denying that a top-rated rodent control team will use only professional equipment to deliver optimum results. Make sure to consider a pest control company in Mississauga that uses the right machinery and protective gear to identity and control rodents effectively. A reliable rodent control company also uses environment-friendly products for cleaning up rodent-infested areas.

  • Guaranteed Services

    You will never go wrong with a rodent removal company that guarantees its services. By choosing a company that offers a free checkup and treatment warranty even after months of extermination, you can make a wise decision. So ensure to prefer a company that believes in an honest guarantee to keep your loved ones protected from rodents roaming near your property.

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