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Pesticon Pest Control is on the mission to remove pests lurking around industrial areas from a vast spectrum of industries. We Guarantee pest removal – we offer free service if they return within six months.

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We Serve All Industries in Mississauga to Eliminate & Prevent Pests

For businesses, the question of how to get rid of pests can loom large. After all, pests pose a danger not only to your business but also to workers and pets. There is an extensive range of highly aggressive pests found in and around business properties and industries operating in Mississauga. These could be mice, beetles, roaches, earwigs, carpet ants, termites, wasps, bees, centipedes, flies, and raccoons, to name a few. You will most likely suffer an attack from these pests on your raw materials, storerooms, laboratories, production areas, and more. Also, this is not something that you can postpone to a later date. To get the best industrial pest control services, choose a company that carries a team of experts and equip with new-age resources. Our industrial pest control Mississauga experts respond to pest infestations with quick and effective solutions, making it easy for business owners to combat invasive and dangerous pests.

Our Guarantee

Pesticon offers the best pest control warranty and services in Toronto backed by our 6 Months Guarantee. We will even visit your property free of charge if your pest problem persists as your satisfaction is our number one priority!

Why Choose Pesticon for Industrial Pest Control in Mississauga?

When you come to Pesticon, you can leverage more than 20 years of local experience in industrial pest control in Mississauga. Our certified and trained technicians provide fast, reliable, and courteous pest control services using only environment-friendly materials. We offer industrial pest control solutions for a vast list of industries, including manufacturing, restaurants, property management, medical offices and facilities, retail, office buildings, warehouses, distribution, logistic centers, and a lot more.

  • We genuinely exterminate pests from your industrial property.
  • Our PRO teams have experience in handling all types of pests for all types of industries.
  • Our top-rated customer service will serve you in the best manner possible
  • We have a license to exterminate pests that poses a danger to your businesses and employees.
  • Our certified technicians take every measure to secure people, pets, and the environment.
  • With proactive pest management, we enable you to get relief from the pests for the long term.
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The Importance of Industrial Pest Control in Mississauga

As any business owner who’s tangled with pests can tell you, mice and termites’ infestation is not a small problem. When you see mice in your workplace, it’s the sign of the pest colonies on your property. Pest colonies can cause huge damages and can seriously disturb your industrial activity. You can end your woes right away by connecting with Pesticon’s reliable team for industrial pest control in Mississauga. We will ensure the safety of your employees, customers, and pets health and safety. We know the importance of pest control for hassle-free business activity. Therefore we offer an extensive range of pest control services to meet all your needs.

Industrial Pest Control Services

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Ant Control

If you are not able to deal with any type of ant species in your business, don’t panic. We can help you to exterminate them quickly and effortlessly. We have the correct solutions to deal with different types of ant that can create problems for industry owners. We can easily take care of the ant infestation for the long term. Our services are specifically designed to eliminate ants focused on building colonies and nests to ruin industrial activity. Choose us to get rid of all kinds of ants that are damaging your industrial property.

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Rodent Control

Our licensed professionals deploy effective techniques to make your industrial property rodent-free, from mice to rats and squirrels. You might be aware of rodent’s activities that cause severe damages to industrial property and transmit contagious diseases. If a rodent lives inside your industrial property, it can reproduce at double speed to disturb your commercial activity. They can make holes in the walls, chew through the wiring, spread diseases, and more. We offer you PRO assistance to get rid of the pests. You will never go wrong with our industrial pest control in Mississauga.

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Termite Control

If you spot signs of termites in your industrial building, you need to connect with a professional pest control service provider. Our pest control professionals can empower you to exterminate termites from the indoor and outdoor areas of your industrial property in Mississauga. On a single call, our highly experienced and professional team will be available for a quick visit to your industrial property to figure out the level of termites’ infestation. We recommend the most effective solutions to deal with termite infestation for the long term.

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Wasps Nest Removal

Wasp ranked among pests that can give you a tough time while pursuing the industrial activity. We can help you remove a wasp nest in a hassle-free manner from your industrial property in Mississauga. If you desire to connect with a top-rated pest control company to remove a wasp nest safely and affordably, you should call us. We will offer your guaranteed services to deal with wasps, honey bees, and hornets present in your industrial property.

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Cockroach Removal

We are here to provide you with the best treatments for cockroach removal in industrial properties like warehouses, manufacturing plants, and more. Along with new-age equipment, we follow state-of-the-art processes to exterminate cockroaches from your industrial space. If you want to permanently get rid of the cockroaches from your commercial property without breaking the bank, you should work for us. We strive to develop hygienic surroundings and environment by eliminating cockroaches from your commercial property.

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Save Your Reputation in the Market with Our Industrial Pest Control in Mississauga

Pests are hazardous for industries and can halt your operations in no time. If it is a daunting task for you to manage day-to-day operations smoothly due to unwanted guests, you should connect with us. With our top-rated pests control guys and cutting-edge equipment, we exterminate pests from an industrial property like never before. Just call our support team and leave the rest to us. We will tackle all types of pests lurking around your industrial property to save your reputation without hurting anyone.

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How Can Pests Ruin Your Industrial Activity?

Nobody can deny the fact that pests are a significant threat to any type of industrial activity. Following are the ways by which pests can ruin your industrial activity:

  • Pest can spread an extensive range of diseases, including chikungunya virus, yellow fever, dengue fever, Lyme disease, plague, parasites, malaria, leishmaniasis, filariasis, and many more.
  • Negatively impact your reputation or drive your customers to the competition.
  • Halt Production or ruin products that are placed in storage
  • Badly damages industrial property, tools, and production.
  • Became a legal risk or lead to business closure

What Are Recommended DIY Prevention Measures?

There is an extensive range of DIY prevention measure which you can utilize to protect your industrial facility from different types of pests like mice, beetles, roaches, earwigs, mites, carpet ants, termites, wasps, bees, centipedes, flies, and raccoons. Take a look below to unveil the expert-recommended and easy DIY ways of pest control.

It is okay if you cannot perform regular inspections and proper pest management on your own. We will rigorously monitor your premises to effectively deal with pests from the raw materials section to the final packaging goods unit and every area of your industrial facility. Call our experts to exterminate pests from your facility permanently without damaging your wallet. We are committed to delivering optimum results by providing reliable industrial pest control services in Mississauga. Call us today for a free estimate. We enable you to elevate your operations to the next level without any pest-related issues!

  • Manage sufficient time to monitor every entry point and a sign of infestation in your restaurant, property management firm, medical office or facility, retail shop, office building, warehouse, distribution or logistic center, etc.
  • When it comes to keeping the industrial premises pest-free, it is imperative to prevent infestation through sanitation. Regularly perform sanitation to prevent pests in the industrial unit effectively. Believe it or not, sanitation will lead to a more safe, efficient, and hygienic workplace.
  • Ensure to dispose of garbage on a regular basis by following the appropriate methods defined by industrial waste management in Mississauga. Take every measure to dispose of waste from your premises as soon as possible. It is the primary source of food for various types of pests.
  • Make sure to ban all potential pest entry points by filling wall cracks and crevices in the pipes, loading docks, foundations, roof, and other places of your industrial premises.
  • Don’t forget to perform day-to-day inspections of areas that used to be pests infestation.
  • Having a fence in a perimeter around the industrial facility can seal the entry of different kinds of pests.

How Pesticon’s Proactive Pest Management Works For Industrial Sector

Suffice to say that our proactive pest management is crucial to keeping the pests out of your industrial facility. Whether you want to learn about the hideout of pests or you want to eliminate them permanently, we are here to serve you with a team of experts. Following are some steps we take to get rid of pests from an industrial property:

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Step 1: Inspection

The first step to protect your industrial property, workers, and equipment from pests is a detailed inspection. We take every measure to inspect places invaded by different kinds of pests in your facility, including production units, canteen, warehouses, restrooms, and stores. We explore every type of pest infestation that can affect your industrial activity at any level. Once we inspect all the entry and exit points of hazardous pests, we develop a plan to combat them effectively.

Step 2: Effective Planning

This step usually comprises an effective plan that helps keep away pests from any sized or type of industrial property. By utilizing various tactics, we create a barrier of entry for pests’ hiding and breeding grounds. We eliminate every entry of pests into your premises so that you can perform operations in a safe, healthy, and hassle-free manner.

Step 3: Sanitation

Regular sanitation is a basic yet essential step to eradicate pests forever from industrial property. If you want to keep your property pest-free, you should opt for a pest control company that follows hygienic practices. We effectively perform sanitation throughout your production units and storage spaces to keep them clean and protected from different kinds of pests.

Step 4: Monitoring

One of the best things you leverage while choosing our pest management services is the six months guarantee. After inspection and prevention practices, our certified team performs continuous monitoring to protect your industrial property from pests for decades. We keep a close eye on your facility and take immediate measures to tackle any recurring pest infestation. If any type of infestation, return to your property within a guaranteed time, we will serve you for free. Our guarantee helps to ensure the best possible results no matter what is the nature of the business.

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