Mice Control in Guelph

Pesticon Pest Control removes mice anywhere in or around your home or business in Guelph. We Guarantee mice removal - If they return within 6 months, we'll come back for free.

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Remove MIce From Your Home or Business in Guelph

Mice are one of the most annoying pests that you will find in Canada's different regions, and Guelph is not an exception. That is why the residential and commercial building owners can never ignore the importance of mice control in Guelph. Pesticon offers highly affordable and reliable mice removal services in Guelph. We help residential and commercial clients protect their properties against mice and rats. Usually, we use bait stations merged with a thorough exclusion process for mice control. We do it all without putting anyone or anything in danger.

Our Guarantee

Pesticon offers the best pest control warranty and services in Toronto backed by our 6 Months Guarantee. We will even visit your property free of charge if your pest problem persists as your satisfaction is our number one priority!

Why Hire Pesticon for Mice Control in Guelph

There are many reasons you should hire a professional pest control exterminator in Guelph, like Pesticon, for mice control. Some of those reasons are:

  • We understand the way mice work and can proactively deal with them.
  • We seal the entry and exit points while we perform the infestation so that no mice can trouble you anymore.
  • We inspect your property exhaustively and identify all their nests.
  • We ensure that your family and pets are safe while we do our work.
  • Many commercial and residential clients already trust us in Guelph.
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What You Need to Know About Mice Infestation

If you have spotted a mouse in your home, it means that you need to do something about it as quickly as possible. Otherwise, things can get out of control. In the first place, mice reproduce very quickly as they become sexually mature in just two months. They produce around 12 at a time and do this 5 to 10 times a year. Suppose you see rats instead of the mice in your area. In that case, you should waste no time contacting Guelph pest management professionals because rats are even dangerous than mice.

The mice disseminate fleas, and their urine and feces are associated with several diseases.  One of the most common diseases carried by mice is Typhus Fever. Moreover, they carry several contagious diseases, so if you see mice or rats in your home or office, waiting before calling Pesticon is not the right choice.

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Our Process for
Mice Control in Guelplh

Pesticon has all the necessary resources available to deal with mice infestation. We track down and exterminate them systematically. Once we are done with the treatment, we sanitize the affected areas to ensure you, your family, and your pets are safe from any potential infections. Afterward, we continue our duty with proofing solutions and seal off the mice's entry and exit points. This way, our residential and commercial clients are safe from future infestations.

How Mice and Rats Get Into Your Attic or Basement

Mice and rats do not always need to chew through different parts of your property, especially houses. They are small in size and have flexible bodies, and they can squeeze into small cracks and crevices just like bats. For the same reason, Pesticon always recommends homeowners and business owners to go for preventive measures and avert the rodents from getting into their residential and commercial property in the first place.

Mice prevention in Guelph is not a simple thing to do because many homes can easily get infested. Homeowners need to depend on a professional pest control exterminator for effective mice extermination. With such an action, you can prevent the mice from invading your residential or commercial space. The mice are dangerous for your family members and pets. You should act soon if you notice any signs of mice infestation and call us for help. Our techniques and methods for mice extermination in Guelph are humane. You can trust us to provide the best solution for your problem.

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Why Is Extermination Necessary?

There are various reasons why the mice should be exterminated without any prejudice.

  • There are serious health for your family members and pets if the mice infest your property.
  • They carry ticks and fleas and pass them through their stool and urine to different parts of your home.
  • They are the cause of many transmittable diseases like Lyme Diseases, Plague, and Typhus Fever.
  • They can contaminate food by getting into food containers and food storage areas of your commercial or residential space.
  • They can affect young children in your home with respiratory problems.
  • In homes, they are also known for causing damages to the home structures, attic insulation, and electrical system.
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What to Do Regarding Mice Control in Guelph?

The mice and rats are afraid of humans. They prefer living in places where they can find food sources and shelters without getting detected. Usually, they build a colony by taking over your attic, basement, or walls.

Usually, when we see a single mouse, we ignore it, thinking that it will go away on its own. You need to realize that your family members and pets are in peril because of these creatures. Not only do they spread contagious diseases, but they also cause damage to your property. You should consult one of the mice removal services in Guelph. Pesticon is a reputable service known well for mice control in Guelph. We are always happy to help you out.

How Should You Deal With a Mice Infestation in Guelph?

You could try to scare them, but that is not going to do you any good. If you see that your pet seems afraid and is not acting normally, it means it might be sick. This might be due to the mice infestation. If you see mice in your home, do not wait for too long and take action against the infestation promptly.

The more you wait, the more damage you will receive, plus food contamination. Moreover, the mice will keep on multiplying, making it hard for you to control the infestation. It would be best if you never wasted any time and take the help of pest control professionals for mice extermination in Guelph.

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Common Mouse Species in Guelph

field mice control guelph

Deer Mouse or Field Mouse

It creates messy nests inside the furniture and mattresses. This species of mouse stores food indoors, allowing many insects and other pests to invade your property. If there are droppings, gnawed objects, and nests on your property, it means that the deer mice have infested it.

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House Mouse

As the name indicates, this mouse usually likes invading homes. It favors living in human structures, embracing the wall voids, storage boxes, attics, barns, sheds, lofts, basements, crawlspaces, cabinets, and warehouses. If there are droppings, gnawed plastic or furniture, musky odours, it means the house mice have infested your property.

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White-Footed Mouse

This mouse prefers living in tree holes within the log piles and outdoor sheds. It conveniently gets into homes, causing trouble for homeowners. Droppings, scratch marks, chew-up food packages/newspapers, and stale smell in your home mean that there are white mice in your home.

Our 5-Step Process for Mice Extermination in Guelph

Step 1:

Free Quote

Once you call us, we provide you with a free quote to exterminate the mice from your property.

Step 2:


Once we are on your property, we determine the mouse species that's infesting your home or business.

Step 3:


We analyze your space to look for the signs of infestation with your property's detailed analysis.

Step 4:


We create a plan of action and share it with you for your approval and total cost involved

Step 5:


Once the plan is approved, we get to work and begin the extermination process

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