Bedbug Removal in Guelph

Pesticon Pest Control removes bed bugs anywhere in or around your home or business in Guelph. We Guarantee bedbug removal - If they return within 6 months, we'll come back for free.

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Remove Bed Bugs From Your Home or Business in Guelph

Bedbugs are a real pain if they happen to find a way into your home or place of work. You will commonly find bedbugs in Guelph in areas that have less exposure to the sun. They find out the perfect hideout and take it over. But that reign soon comes to an instant end as soon as Pesticon's professional bedbugs exterminators arrive at the infested location.  At Pesticon, we provide a complete solution for the elimination of bed bugs once and for all. You can rely on Pesticon for the rapid action bedbugs extermination in Guelph. Our affordable services extend all across Canada with an exceptional customer satisfaction rate.

Our Guarantee

Pesticon offers the best pest control warranty and services in Toronto backed by our 6 Months Guarantee. We will even visit your property free of charge if your pest problem persists as your satisfaction is our number one priority!

How to Know if You Have a Bedbug Infestation?

There are many ways to find out about the infestation, such as looking for the tiny reddish fecal spots, pieces of shed skin, eggs, and other stuff. The process of extermination is not as easy as some YouTube videos would have you believe. A lot of our customers bang their heads against the wall before calling us for relief. Pesticon brings you remarkable and quick services for the extermination of bedbugs, ants, or other pests. When you get the inspection service from Pesticon, you also get the instant solutions and services required to take these pests out.

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Pesticon Provides an Exceptional Bed Bugs Extermination Service

Our team comprises highly skilled and experienced bed bugs exterminators in Guelph. You can relax about the budget as we don't make hefty bills for unnecessary items. When it comes to bedbugs removal in Guelph, we provide guaranteed extermination without causing much disturbance.

What Solutions do we Have for Bedbugs Removal in Guelph?

As these blood-sucking creatures grow up, they start building immunity for pesticides or other sprays. Therefore, Pesticon gives you a complete solution for bed bugs removal by using potent chemicals. These chemicals can take out even the toughest of these bugs. The other solution that we have is the heat treatment, which always brings some really satisfactory results. You will be amazed at how these bed bugs vanish after our heat treatment—all without disturbing your routine activities.

We also make sure that your family members or pets (if any) do not get any form of residual remains. Our post-cleaning is an in-depth service that ensures a high standard of hygiene.  Once the overall treatment and extermination are done, you can go back to your peaceful life as if the bedbugs never existed.

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What Makes Pesticon's Bedbug Removal Service Unique?

From the start of the process till the end, you will understand how your money is spent on the right service. We count our success by the number of satisfied customers in Canada. Our dedication and highly satisfactory customer services make us unique.

  • We conduct a thorough inspection.
  • Single one-day treatment for bedbugs
  • All services are affordable
  • Our extermination services come with a long-term guarantee
  • Every treatment is safe for children and pets
  • Guelph's most trusted and result-oriented extermination and pest control service

Pesticon is a Licensed and Experienced Extermination Company in Guelph

A lot of homeowners and even hotel owners trust Pesticon for complete bed bug removal services. Our teams don't leave until everything is being taken care of. We have the skills, the experience, and a license to kill (bedbugs). Yes, that is right, the Ministry of Environment licenses Pesticon, and all the pest extermination services are insured.

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Tips to Remove Bedbugs in Guelph

  • Thoroughly vacuum your rugs, floors, furniture, bed, and cracks & crevices to cut down the bed bugs population.
  • Use a self-regulator heater for bedbugs heat treatment. For this, you will need to maintain a temperature of around 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Call the pest control exterminator and get the job done quickly.

Buying or Selling Property? Get it inspected

While buying or selling a property, we take care of all the official details, the paperwork, and other necessary items. Sometimes people don't pay much attention to any unwanted presence - that is where it all goes wrong. Moving into a new house can turn out to be an unpleasant experience if there are any bedbugs present.  If you are going to buy your dream house, it is best to get it inspected first. Pesticon offers a wide range of inspection options – give us a call today to know all about it.

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Why is it Almost Impossible to Exterminate Bedbugs on Your Own?

Bedbugs Don't Give in That Easily

Maybe you can try to kill the cockroaches if you find them in your home. But bedbugs are pests that are very rigid. They can survive several months without a single meal. Although bedbugs cannot completely hibernate, they can go undercover for months. This protects them from all types of treatments that you administer. Bedbugs wait for a significantly long time before they finally decide to feed on another human host. Those tiny eyes are watching you and waiting for you to become less vigilant so that they can come out again.

Bedbugs Have Their Methods

Bedbugs are not like other pests. They have their patterns. As discussed earlier, they can wait for quite long periods before finding another meal. But this means that they have to feed until repletion at one time. When you wake up in the morning and find red marks on your skin from the bites, they are often in rows and have patterns. This doesn't necessarily mean that several bedbugs have attacked you at once. A single bedbug can do that to your skin because when they finally find you asleep, they have their breakfast, lunch, and dinner altogether. This gives them enough energy to survive up to 6 months and, in some cases, nine months.

Bedbugs are Smart and Elusive

Just like every other creature, bedbugs do have very appropriately designed survival instincts. They have amazing adaptability when it comes to hiding. You cannot imagine the places where bedbugs can hide. On a regular basis, these bedbugs will go inside the smallest crevices in your furniture, bedding, box springs, electronic appliances, electronic switch plates, behind your decorative items, and even behind the wallpaper. Since they are very small in size, they can easily tuck in there and then wait for the night to come. Once you sleep and start to exhale carbon dioxide, they can sense it. And then it's time for their feast.

Bedbugs are Super Stealthy

This thought may have crossed your mind that why do we not wake up when a bedbug is biting us. Yes, many people have thought this before. And when some researchers thought about it, they conducted their research. They examined the biting of a bedbug under the most advanced microscope. They also set up some chemical detecting devices. This research yielded the result that when a bedbug bites, it secretes a chemical with anesthetic properties. It makes that part of the skin numb for a short while, but the blood flow from that pore increases. Making the whole activity of blood-sucking very fast and painless for the host.

Some Additional Benefits of Working With Pesticon for Removing Bedbugs in Guelph

6 Month Guarantee

Pesticon guarantees you complete peace of mind from all kinds of pests. In this regard, we provide a 6-month guarantee during which if the pests return, we will come back and finish the job without any additional charges. Once this six-month phase is passed clean, it is very unusual for the pest to return. But still, Pesticon is always there for the professional extermination service. Even if they return after years of our service, we will still be ready to make them go away for another decade so that you can have your peaceful nights back.

Specialized Teams

Although Pesticon deals with over 15 types of different extermination services, we have a separate team of experts for each service type. We have specialized teams for ant control, mouse control, bedbugs removal, fleas control, spider removal, termite control, cockroach removal, wasp/hornet nest removal, and more. These teams comprise technicians who have been making their living out of extermination. Those who have a vast knowledge of bees, hornets, wasps, and other similar species will only serve under the wasp removal service. Similar is the case with all the other extermination services that we provide in Guelph.

Reliable Service

Once you decide to give up on your DIY methods and call in the professionals, it is best to reach out to the most reliable service providers. Pesticon has been serving as a reliable pest control service provider since 2001. You can put your trust in the people who have been excelling in extermination for 20 years. Since we are committed to excellence, we try to make our services better every day. This commitment has caused our experts to devise some brilliant techniques and methods. Our methods are certainly different and ensure a long-lasting relief.

Dedicated Tools

We don't believe in using the same tools repeatedly until they are broken. Pesticon has successfully brought together some of the most innovative solutions for homeowners and office workers in Guelph. These solutions are materialized by making use of only the optimum tools and technologies. We specially take care of the sanitization and ensure a deep clean extermination service.

Same Day Service

Not every pest control company provides same-day services or services on an urgent basis. But here at Pesticon, we are ready whenever you need the extermination service. In most cases, an inspection is required on a very urgent basis. Suppose we find out during the inspection the need to start the extermination immediately. In that case, we can arrange it without any delay. That makes our service fast, reliable, and worth your hard-earned money.

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