Termite Control in Brampton

Pesticon Pest Control removes termites anywhere in or around your home or business in Brampton. We offer six months guarantee to offer exceptional results for each property we treat.

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Remove Termites From Your Home or Business in Brampton

Termites are dangerous for your property; they may transfer harmful diseases through their bite and sting. According to a recent survey-based report, humans infested by termites may suffer from allergic reactions or even asthma attacks. When our experienced termite removal professionals handle your property, you should see striking results after just a single treatment. However, this is just the beginning. We will also prevent future infestation of termites to ensure that your commercial and residential space is pest-free. To deliver impeccable results, we handle every home or business with specialized care.

If you have spotted termite infestations on your property, connect with Pesticon to end all your woes right away. Through our termites’ control Brampton program, we offer efficient services to exterminate termites that are hiding inside your property’s wooden structure. Our experts will examine all of the areas of your home, shop, office, or any building and create a tailored plan that will specifically meet all your needs. We never prefer a “one-size-fits-all” type of service. Our pest control company works with clients by following their special requirements.

Our Guarantee

Pesticon offers the best pest control warranty and services in Toronto backed by our 6 Months Guarantee. We will even visit your property free of charge if your pest problem persists as your satisfaction is our number one priority!

Why Should You Hire Pesticon for Termite Control in Brampton?

  • Our termite extermination professionals live in and around Brampton to serve you efficiently.
  • We utilize high-end technology to remove termites from every inch of your property.
  • With years of experience in termite control, we offer an honest guarantee to permanently remove pests from your premises.
  • We offer affordable solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of clients.
  • We ensure maximum safety by using environment-friendly and highly effective treatment methods.
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Fast & Efficient Termite Removal Services in Brampton

We follow an exclusive system to keep your home or business free from termites. With high-end equipment, we offer exclusive and extremely efficient pest removal services. You do not even need to be at home or business when we treat termites. Instead, we can do all the hard work while you spend time with your loved ones with complete peace of mind. So, if you live in Brampton, your property will be in capable hands, and it will become termite-free in no time. No matter what issues you may face from termite infestation, we can help.

4 Common Signs of a Termite Infestation

It’s hard to believe that small-sized termites can cause big damage to building structures. Unfortunately, if termites exist in your commercial or residential building, you must deal with their infestation as soon as possible. If you cannot see termite infestation from naked eyes, it doesn’t mean you should ignore it. You will need to learn common signs of termites’ infestation to protect your property, family, employees, customers, and pets from termites’ attacks. Don’t panic; if you cannot figure out termites’ sources, we can help you eliminate them. Following are the common signs to track termites down and exterminate them permanently from your property.

  • Sign #1: Look for sagging floors, holes in wooden items, and hollow parts of your doors, windows, and foundation. These are major signs of termites’ infestation in any property and need to be dealt with immediately.
  • Sign #2: Use a screwdriver and flashlight to track down the termite’s activity in the basement of the wooden structure. If you find anything crawling in the foundation, the chances are that termites are busy creating holes in your wooden structure. You can also check for termites’ infestation by pushing the screwdriver into your furniture or wooden accessories. If the wood falls apart easily, it means termites are actively damaging it.
  • Sign #3: Another way to figure out termite’s infestation is their wastes. Don’t miss to figure out termite droppings. If you spot dark brown pellets around your property, it proves the presence of termites’ infestation.
  • Sign # 4: You can also find a termite infestation on your property by hunting for tunnels and mud tubes. If you regularly spot these mud tubes, you should get a pest control company in Brampton to treat termite infestation as soon as possible.

How to Get Rid of the Termites Using DIY Methods in Brampton.

When it comes to removing termites from the property, it is vital to perform a thorough examination of your home or business. From the basement to wooden furniture, windows, doors, ceilings, and wood debris, check every inch of your property to figure out termite hotspots. Once you are done with the assessment process, ensure to choose the most effective method to exterminate different kinds of termites from your commercial or residential space.

We recommended you protect yourself through the glove and protective dress kit while utilizing DIY methods of termites’ removal at home or business. This task is time-consuming for most people, and they don’t have the time or the energy to get this done. That is where Pesticon comes in. We handle it all for you. Our pest control and removal company conducts all the assessments and gives you a detailed report on what you have and what to do about it. If you still want to do it yourself, here’s how you can accomplish this task:

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Determine The Type Of Termites

Usually, two types of termites infest homes and businesses in Brampton: subterranean and Drywood termites. They love to live in the wet soil and wood of your property. Drywood termites prefer to live in a warm environment. On the other end, subterranean termites can be easily spotted in the wooden structure of homes, shops, offices, warehouses, etc. Subterranean termites can quickly damage home or business foundation wood than Drywood. There are dozens of effective treatment methods for Subterranean and Drywood type of termites.

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Create a Cardboard Trap

One of the best DIY ways to get rid of termites is to create a cardboard trap. All you need to do is purchase a couple of flat strips of cardboard and place them near the hotspot of termites. In a day or two, you can attract a great number of termites to it. Ensure to burn it in a safe area once termites infest it. Don’t miss repeating the process multiple times to exterminate termites permanently from your home or office without hassle.

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Keep Your Furniture In Sunlight

Another way to treat termite-infested furniture quickly is to place it on the lawn or roof to expose it to sunlight. By doing this, you will make your home or business furniture termites free and secure them from further damage. Try to expose your furniture to sunlight to kill pests in no more than two to three days. Don’t forget your furniture for weeks or a month outside as the colour will fade if you leave it out too much.

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Use Boric Acid

Using boric acid is a popular and effective DIY way to exterminate termites from home or business. The boric acid is specifically designed to affect termites’ nervous systems without hurting humans or pets. If you are looking for the easiest way to kill termites, then you should try boric acid. Remember to coat or spray boric acid solution over infested wood in or outside your property 2 to 3 times a day. Within a week, you will see the termite carcasses in or outside the area of your home or business.

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Call a Professional

If you don’t have the time or energy for DIY ways and finally decide to kill termites permanently through a professional team, then you should contact a reliable pest control company. We make it simple for home and business owners in Brampton to get rid of termites in a stress-free manner. All you need to do is connect with our customer support team to get a quote tailored for your need and leave the rest to us. Our professionals are well trained and equipped with high-end tools to kill termites and different types of pests hiding in your property. We work with a guarantee to completely remove termites from your home, office, shop, brand outlet, etc.

How to Prevent Future Infestations of Termites in Brampton

Nothing can benefit you more than maintaining a dry environment to prevent future infestation of termites. Termites are naturally attracted to woody and moist places as they need water to live and breed. By keeping your home or business dry, you can stop termites from invading your property anymore. Make sure to treat all leakage points where water can accumulate, inside or outside of your property. Wet gutters are also a hotspot of termites, so make sure to keep them clean for effective prevention.

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Benefits of Hiring Our Pesticon Termites Control Team

From highly experienced teams to high-end equipment and environment-friendly products, hiring a Pesticon pest control company in Brampton for permanent termites’ removal has endless benefits. Take a look at the benefits that you can drive by preferring our termites’ removal service.

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Highly Experienced Team

With a highly trained team of professionals, we remove termites from every inch of your property in Brampton. Whether you are running a business or living in an apartment, our professionals are well aware of techniques that help to exterminate termites without harming anyone. If you want to experience hassle-free termites extermination services in a commercial or business space, you should have a session with us. We bet no one can serve you like we do to offer long-term relief from termites.

Specialized Equipment

Of course, we wouldn’t send our highly experienced professionals to your property without the best tools for effective termites’ removal. Our skilled team can figure out and exterminate termites’ infestation inside or outside of a commercial or residential property by leveraging high-end equipment. If you are willing to work with a company that will permanently remove termites with a guarantee, you should choose us. Our prime goal is to help residents and businesses in Brampton with different types of pests. Hence we utilize high-end equipment and effective approaches to offering optimum results.

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Environmentally Friendly Products

We understand the need for a safe and effective termites control process to keep everyone protected. Therefore we offer guaranteed pest removal services by utilizing only environment-friendly products that work to kill termites inside or outside of your property. We ensure to follow every safety measure set by the state to avoid harming anyone inside or outside of the property, including pets, children, guests, neighbors, customers, and workers.

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