4 Best Home Remedies for Wasp Stings

Wasps are common in Vancouver, predominantly Yellow Jackets. They can make nests on your property and put you in jeopardy. They may not be harmful, but they can become headaches for your family and your pets if they feel threatened. If you want to permanently remove the wasps from your property, you should get the wasps’ nest removed. Pest control professionals in Vancouver can help you with that. Wasps can also sting you if they find out their nest is under attack. These home remedies will help you with the sting of these deadly creatures.

Home Remedies You Can Take Advantage of:


Ice is the perfect home remedy to reduce the swelling of the wasp stings. Low temperatures can slow down your blood flow to aid you with healing. To treat a wasp sting, you can either take an ice cube or ice pack and put it on the affected area for about 20 minutes. Ice is an effective home remedy to help you get rid of the pain and reduce your swelling. If you get stung by a wasp and then call a wasp control service, the ice pack will help while they arrive.

White Vinegar or Apple Cider:

Vinegar can also help you get rid of the. The acidity of vinegar can neutralize the stings’ alkalinity; on the other hand, the bee stings (acidic stings) are the opposite of wasp stings (alkaline stings). You can soak a cotton ball with white vinegar or apple cider and apply it to the affected area to benefit from it. Apply the cotton ball with minimum pressure to make sure you do not feel uncomfortable. Keep the cotton ball on the target area for several minutes, and you will feel the relief.

First Aid Treatment:

First aid treatment always works; for the same reason, homeowners keep first aid kits in their homes. You can treat wasp stings with the first aid treatment also. Here’s the process you would need to follow as your first aid treatment against the wasp stings:

  • Rinse the affected skin area with soap and water.
  • Now, place a cold compress over the affected area for 10 minutes to feel relief from the pain and swelling. It would be best to wrap the ice or ice packs in a clean cloth while applying them to the skin instead of a cold compress.

Use the Antihistamine Cream:

Applying calamine lotion or a paste of baking soda and water to your skin can also help you get relief from the itching and pain. Why calamine lotion? It is a topical antihistamine cream.


Wasps may not be annoying when you see them, but if they sense any danger, they can sting you, your children, and your pets. You should consult a pest control service for safe wasps’ nest removal from your home in Vancouver. What if you do not contact the professionals even if any of the wasps sting you or your family?. In that case, you should immediately make the most of some home remedies for pain relief or preventing the allergic reactions from becoming severe. Ice, white vinegar, first aid treatment, and antihistamine cream can help you eliminate the pain and inflammation.

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