The warehousing and industrial business sector can face some pretty unique pest control issues. Pesticon have a long list of industrial clients that rely on us to keep their premises clear and business operations running!

Warehouse and Industrial Properties Pest Control Toronto

Birds are not always your friends

One of the biggest pest issues in industrial and warehouse spaces are actually birds. Birds may seem harmless, but in reality they can do quite a bit of damage by pecking holes in roofing, leaving their corrosive droppings on expensive equipment and/or merchandise, getting tangled in machinery, causing a fire hazard by building their nests in chimneys and other areas, and even transmitting over 60 diseases to which humans can be vulnerable. Obviously, they can be a massive problem. So what can be done about them? Depending upon your specific situation, you can use bird spikes, deterrent gel, exclusion netting, sonic repellers, etc. At Pesticon Toronto, we specialize in helping warehouses and industrial businesses get birds out of their spaces and keep them out long-term. If you’ve got birds in your industrial space, don’t wait – call your Toronto-area pest control professionals at Pesticon today!

Rodent and mice problems in your industrial space

Since warehouses and industrial spaces tend to be huge and their inventory frequently shifts without much warning, it’s critical for them to stay on top of their inventory and make sure that they are not losing any of it to pest control issues. Whether you’re dealing with rodents like mice and rats or insects like ants or cockroaches, the problem can very quickly escalate into thousands of dollars of damage. Pesticon is the leader in pest control services in Toronto, and it is our mission to help you protect your business from the ravages of these pests.

warehouse pest removal
After your schedule your free consultation, we’ll send one of our friendly, professional technicians to take a look at your warehouse or other industrial building to examine the areas that would be most appealing to these pests. Of course, if you already have a pest problem that needs to be addressed, we’ll take care of that as well and come up with a personalized plan to meet your needs.

When you hire Pesticon, you can rest easy knowing that if for some reason you continue having pest problems for up to 6 months after our initial visit, we’ll come back and finish the job at no extra charge to you. That’s the power of our 6-month guarantee. Our customers love that they can trust that the job will be completed properly no matter what. If you have a warehouse or other industrial property with a pest problem, or if you want to discuss prevention to stop future problems before they begin, give us a call at Pesticon Toronto today. You can’t afford not to!

We serve the entire GTA for pest control in warehouses and industrial properties – Toronto, North York, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Scarborough, Markham, Richmond Hill, Etobicoke, Woodbridge, Vaughn, Pickering, Ajax and more!