Office buildings are like a second home for most employees, maintaining a healthy work environment is critical for business operations. There are several aspects of an office that can attract pests. Washrooms, staff kitchen, wall panels, maintenance rooms, etc. When a problem like this comes up, call Pesticon for instant removal of insect or rodent pests.

Toronto Office Buildings Pest Control

Unwanted visitors

Pests like rodents and insects love office buildings. They are a veritable playground of all of the things these creatures love most: dark, enclosed spaces; food; and of course computer cords. That’s right – mice and other rodents love computer cords! They tend to chew their way through them and they can be quite difficult to extricate once they’ve decided to live somewhere. That’s where Pesticon Toronto shines.

We’ll come to your office building (while still preserving your office’s unique identity and most importantly worker productivity) in order to inspect every inch of the building on a quest for the pest(s). Following the inspection, we’ll give you all of our best recommendations for your office building’s pest control management. We’re the Toronto area experts at pest control, so we know where the pests tend to hide and how to keep them away. In addition, we know how to treat your office space for these creatures without interrupting the flow and productivity of your team. We are discreet and private; we arrive at your office building in an unmarked vehicle to avoid drawing extra attention to the fact that you are having a pest control problem.

Protect your office!

Typically, we recommend an extended protection plan so that if a new pest issue were to arise, we can stop the animal or insect in its tracks and get rid of it before anyone besides you notices a problem. The last thing you need is a cantankerous employee spreading the word about a mouse
Toronto Office Buildings Pest Control chewing through his or her computer cords – in such a situation, you’d have to eliminate the pest problem and pay for the employee to get new equipment. Therefore, setting up a long-term maintenance contract keeps your business safe by protecting against all different kinds of pest-related damages. We’ll even come out for special emergency calls!

Even if you do not choose a long-term maintenance plan, we still provide you and your business with our “if they come back, we come back” guarantee. If you find a pest in your office again within the first 6 months after we’ve treated the area, we’ll redo the job for free! The choice is clear: call Pesticon today for all of your greater Toronto area pest control needs!

Pesticon serve the entire GTA for pest control at office locations – Toronto, North York, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Scarborough, Markham, Richmond Hill, Etobicoke, Woodbridge, Vaughn, Pickering, Ajax and more!