Toronto Home Protection Plan

At Pesticon, we get calls every day from Toronto-area homeowners who are dealing with unwanted creatures and creepy crawlies in their living spaces. Whether it’s a cockroach skittering across your kitchen counter while you’re preparing dinner or a spider snuggling up to you in bed, uninvited guests are no one’s cup of tea. Yet many people approach pest control as a reactionary practice when instead they should think prevention. We have insurance policies for our homes, our cars, and even our lives – why should we not do the same for pest control and plan ahead to prevent major problems down the road?

Toronto Home Protection Plan

That’s why Pesticon created our Home Protection Plan. Years of experience in the pest control field have taught us that pests such as millipedes, rodents, spiders, cockroaches, and ants all tend to infest Toronto-area homes at least once per year. Knowing these creatures’ habits has allowed us to create a plan of attack to keep them where they belong – that is, outside of your home! We begin by eliminating any existing pest issues as required by the individual homeowner’s situation. Once that has been taken care of, we take steps to prevent the problem from returning. The Home Protection Plan offers year-round protection from most major pest- and rodent-related infestations to homeowners in the greater Toronto area. Our customers who participate in the Home Protection Plan love that they have the peace of mind to know that if anything ever happened and they needed pest control, Pesticon would be right there to save the day.

You may be thinking, “Okay, this sounds like a great idea. But I bet it’s really expensive!”  In actuality, you will be surprised at how affordable the Home Protection Plan can be. Most pest control companies charge customers for each individual visit to their home to the tune of hundreds or even thousands of dollars. With the Home Protection Plan, you get an unlimited number of visits for less than the cost of two individual pest control visits at an affordable rate. Please see our pricing and payment plans for more information.

As with all of our services, Pesticon’s Home Protection Plan comes backed by our comprehensive, industry-leading service guarantee. “If they come back, we come back” has been our motto for over 15 years, and we continue to stand behind that promise. With the ability to have unlimited visits in combination with our service guarantee, Pesticon’s Home Protection Plan means the end of pest control problems for Toronto-area homeowners for good! Call us today to discuss your options and find out how the Home Protection Plan can help you.

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