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Termites and Carpenter Ants can cause serious structural damage to your home and should be dealt with as soon as you notice the problem. At Pesticon we use a professional approach to quarantine the colony to stop it from spreading, eradicate it, and make sure your problem doesn’t come back. Pesticon is the best ants control toronto team in the business

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  • We identify the scope of the infestation
  • We develop a pest removal strategy that minimizes the impact on your routine and the environment
  • We use specialized sprays and powders eliminate the pest problem
  • We use Habitat Modification to make the area unappealing for termites and ants in the future
  • We seal up any entranceways so that your pest problem doesn’t come back
  • We do a follow-up inspection to make sure the job is done right

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Getting Control of Your Ants in Toronto

Toronto Ant Control is More Complicated Than You Think!

When the snows melt and the spring rains come down it can only mean one thing for Toronto residents. Ant season. In the spring and summer ants come to life throughout the area invading homes and gardens. Even though small in size, these social insects can be difficult to manage. Sometimes you deal with one incursion, only to find hundreds of more ants somewhere else in your house.

What can you do proper termite control in Toronto?

Types of Ants Found in Toronto

The first key is to know your enemy. While there are over 100 species of ants in Canada, Toronto homeowners generally only encounter seven different kinds in their homes and yards. Three species of ants, pavement ants, carpenter ants, and European fire ants, cause 90% of all the problems homeowners face. While most ants are only a nuisance, some varieties can cause serious damage to your home.

Pavement Ants

These ants usually nest under slabs of concrete. They are black and often are seen in large groups. Their networks of tunnels can sometimes cause sidewalks to lift up and break up over time. The worst-case scenario would be if you hade pavement ants under your home’s foundation, but this is rare.

Carpenter Ants

These ants live in wood. Unlike termites, they don’t eat wood. Instead, they nest and burrow inside of wood. If carpenter ants decide to nest in your deck or home, it can cause extensive damage that is expensive to repair. Carpenter ants are black and larger than most other types of ants.

European Fire Ants

These medium-sized red ants, as their name suggests, are not native to Canada. They are rarely found indoors but can be found in parks, gardens, and yards. Most people worry about the ants because of their painful sting. But, they also present another serious problem. These ants help to spread invasive plant species that are crowding out indigenous garden plants.

Other types of ants that may infest Toronto homes include pharaoh ants, thief ants, Argentine ants, and odorous ants.

The Problem With Ants

Because ants are so small, it is often difficult to view them as serious threats. However, ants may be more than a nuisance. They can also cause serious problems for your home.

Pavement ants often make their way into homes looking for food and water. They typically do not cause any property damage, but nobody wants lines of ants in their kitchen. Because they tend to nest under slabs of concrete, it is possible that give enough time that can cause issues with a sidewalk or patio.

Carpenter ants are the most serious threat from a property damage perspective. They tunnel into the wood inside and around your home. Because they do not eat the wood like termites, the damage is not always obvious. Carpenter ants can destabilize wood structures, without creating any obvious visual clues. You should always seek professional help to get rid of carpenter ants. They are notoriously difficult to kill with common sprays and baits.

European fire ants are mostly undesirable because you do not want you family and pets to be exposed to their painful sting. It is also important for the local ecosystem to eliminate these invaders as thoroughly as possible.

What Attracts Ants to Your Home?

There are three things that attract ants to your home:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Shelter

The more vegetation and clutter you have around the edge of your house, the better habitat you are creating for ants. Ants often are drawn to the vegetation to feed on other tiny insects. The plants and clutter also trap moisture that is especially attractive in the hot summer. Carpenter ants are drawn to moist or water damaged wood. If your deck isn’t properly sealed, after a few years it can become a haven for carpenter ants.

Ants make their way inside your house primarily to hunt for food and water as these resources become more scarce outside. This is one reason why ants are so common in the summer. The heat is drying up their sources of water and forcing their food supplies to move on.

Pavement ants are not picky eaters. The best ways to avoid an ant infestation is to keep all of your surfaces clean and clear. You should also make sure food containers are properly sealed. It only takes a tiny crack for an ant to get into your sugar, or other and food source. Leaky faucets are also another way to attract thirsty ants. Making sure you sinks aren’t dripping will help keep the ants away.

What It Takes to Get Rid of an Ant Infestation

Despite your best efforts, you may still wind up with an ant infestation. There are just too many ants in the area to always be able to keep them at bay. While you may be able to temporarily prevail against an infestation of pavement ants, unless you seek professional help, the problem will likely keep recurring

Pest control professionals should always be called in to deal with infestations of carpenter ants and pharaoh ants because the particular trouble they each cause. A pest control expert will use different tactics for different types of ants. Pavement ants can often be dealt with effective using a combination of spraying and bait.

Baits have little effect on carpenter ants, but can be useful in dealing with European fire ants and pharaoh ants. Carpenter ants are best dealt with by using a special spray that is not commonly available over the counter.

In the worst-case situations, an entire house may need to be fumigated. While this is an extreme step because it requires you and your pets to leave your home for a period of time, it is extremely effective.

If you are faced with an ant invasion, don’t be afraid to call in some professional help. You may be able to win a battle or two against the ants on your own, but you need a pest control professional to win the war.