What To Do About Kitchener Pests Living In The Insulation In Your House

When you find pests in your house, you may think dusty corners, unused rooms, or floors of your attics have attracted pests. However, you may not have any idea that pests, especially bugs, can live in the insulation of your home. Moreover, we shall tell you in this post as a Kitchener pest control company why insulation can serve as a perfect place for some pests.

What Pests Or Bugs Can You Find In The Insulation Of Your Kitchener Home?

You can find different types of pests or bugs in the insulation in your attic or other areas of your Kitchener house. Some of those pests include cluster flies, termites, moths, and silverfish. In addition, mice and rats can bring fleas or ticks with them if they infest your house. Consequently, it may lead fleas and ticks to burrow in your insulation. What’s more?

Bedbugs can also make their way into your attic. They can make their way through your attic while travelling via things in your home, like beds or clothes. Once bedbugs are in your attic, they can borrow into the insulation. Bedbugs prefer comfortable and dark places, which are environment-unfriendly. Hence, the insulation in your attic is a perfect place for bedbugs to nest.

Moreover, old insulation in your house can attract cockroaches and other insects. Besides, roaches love eating insulation, that is, outdated or not taken care of properly.

Why Does Insulation in Your House Attract Pests? 

In general, insulation does not attract pests because it does not serve as a food source for many pests. However, when pests make their way through your insulation, they find it an ideal place to settle. It is because insulation can provide pests with shelter from cold plus drafts. Put differently, insulation in the attic of a house offers bugs and insects the warmth they need. Plus, it helps them hide from predators. Additionally, the insulation in your home can also serve as a breeding ground for pests. Furthermore, there are a few pests only that will eat your insulation, including roaches and silverfish. 

Moreover, silverfish will eat your insulation, especially when it has a paper backing. In addition, cockroaches and silverfish can eat fibreglass insulation without damaging their digestive system. Thus, the insulation in your house can attract certain pests as a shelter or a nutritious source.

How To Keep Kitchener Pests Out Of Insulation In Your Home?

It is not easy for an inexpert to eradicate pests from the insulation, specifically when pests are in the attic. Still, doing a few things can surely help you keep pests out of the insulation in your house. For instance, you can have bug-repellent insulation in place in your house. Spray foam, cellulose, or polyurethane are highly effective insulation to deter pests.

Further, if pests have already made their way into the insulation in your attic, you should get in touch with a renowned Kitchener pest control company. Pest control treatments that professionals may deploy will help you tackle the pest problem in your insulation successfully. Therefore, you can count on pest control experts for the job if pests infest the insulation in your house.

Final Words    

You may find pests in the insulation in your house but do not know why pests have infested it. Further, different types of pests can burrow into the insulation in your attic, like termites, moths, roaches, bedbugs, etc. The insulation in the attic of your house can attract specific pests because it may serve them as an ideal shelter or a nutritious food source. Deploying bug-repellent insulation can help you avert a pest problem in the insulation in your house. Lastly, you should rely on a pest control service for pest removal if pests are already in the insulation in your house.  

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