What Are The Signs Of Raccoons In The Attic Of Your House in Toronto?

Do you hear loud noises coming from the attic? Is there a foul smell coming from your attic? If that’s the case, you might have raccoons in the attic of your house in Toronto. Don’t worry. There is a solution to every problem in today’s world. Right? You can get rid of these uninvited and unwelcomed guests from your house. However, let us tell you that it is not easy. Mostly you would observe the activity of the raccoons from January till May. And, if you don’t act fast, there could be a whole family soon. The reason for that is most of the time, the female raccoon is looking for a safe and sound place for giving birth. And guess what? Your attic is the perfect place for that.

That’s why we always recommend that you get your raccoon removal service from a professional pest control company that knows what to do. But how will you know that there are raccoons in your house in Toronto? You have to know the signs of the presence of raccoons. Here, we tell you all the signs that’ll let you know about the raccoons in your attic.

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Signs of Racoons in your attic


Raccoons are big creatures. If they are in your attic, you will definitely hear loud thumping noises coming from the attic. This is one of the clear indications that raccoons are roaming around your attic. On the other hand, you might also hear the noises when they have given birth to their offspring. Sounds like cries, growls, and grunts are some of the common noises you might encounter.

Nesting materials

Once the raccoons have made their way into your house, they would make their nest as soon as possible, especially when the raccoon is pregnant. They don’t care about the material they use to make the nest. They could make it either from leaves and twigs or other soft materials they find in your attic. Now, if you notice the leaves and twigs, you can call the wildlife removal services.


This is also one of the signs to find out the raccoons. If you notice that your attic is dusty, you might consider looking at the footprints in your yard. If there are raccoons in your house, you’d see the flatfooted paws with five toes. The size of the front and the hind paw vary in size. The hind paw would be slightly bigger than the front paw.

Racoon Poop

When you look into your attic and notice a foul smell and poop, it most likely is the raccoons. Because they always do their feces in one place so it wouldn’t be spread out everywhere.


You have to make sure that you get rid of the Racoon as soon as possible because they are responsible for spreading various illnesses. You or your family members can get it through their bites or waste. One of the most well-known problems is Rabies.

Therefore, if you see any activity of raccoons in your house, make sure that you contact the animal control Toronto for raccoons to get your home treated professionally.

Waheed Ahmed, CEO of Pesticon Pest Control

Written by: Waheed Ahmed Founder & CEO, Pesticon Pest Control

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