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Pesticon Pest Control removes mice from everywhere around your home or business in Vaughan. We guarantee mice removal - If they return within six months, we'll serve you for free.

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Keep Mice Out of Your Home & Business in Vaughan

Imagine how nice your home or business would be without mice and rats. But that could require a lot of hard work, and you do not have the time or the energy at the end of a long day. Let Pesticon in Vaughan do the job for you. We live in the same Vaughan area as you do, and we are well trained and equipped to deal with mice and rats. Our professionals will make your home or business mice-free. Mice can affect even the healthiest environment. Pesticon can protect you and your family, employees, customers and pets against mice and rats. Mice can carry harmful and deadly diseases like Hantavirus, Bubonic Plague, Salmonellosis, Rat-Bite Fever, and more.

Our pest control company provides a protective barrier against mice, protecting everyone on the property. Pesticon provides mice removal services and the highest level of customer satisfaction. The best thing you will get with us will be a strong guarantee. All our pest control services are backed by a six-month guarantee, the best in the town. If you're unsatisfied, just let us know. We'll re-apply the treatment without any charge. Whether you're ready to get started or simply want to learn more, all you have to do is call us for a free consultation.

Our Guarantee

Pesticon offers the best pest control warranty and services in Toronto backed by our 6 Months Guarantee. We will even visit your property free of charge if your pest problem persists as your satisfaction is our number one priority!

Why Hire Pesticon for Mice Control in Vaughan

Our mice control services are customized, effective and ensure a mice-free property for the long term. Our pest control program gives your property what it needs through every season to keep mice out of your property. And all of our services are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

  • Our pest control services are effective for getting rid of mice and rats for good.
  • We use new and advanced tools to make your property mice free with no hassle.
  • We follow eco-friendly mice control practices as per the provincial rules and regulations.
  • We inspect every corner of your property for result-oriented mice infestation extermination.
  • After effective treatment, we close all the entry points of mice for future protection.
  • With a custom quote, we ensure that you will get the best rate for mice & rats control.
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The Most Common Signs of Mice Infestation in Vaughan

Mice & Rats lurk around homes and businesses at night when a great proportion of Vaughan residents are sleeping. Take a look below to unveil the alarming signs of mice infestation in a home or business space:

  • Focus on weird noises in walls, ceilings, and hollow items.
  • Search for common sizes of droppings around 12 mm to 18 mm long in your commercial or residential space
  • Mice leave behind debris such as bones, snail shells or fruits.
  • Keep a close eye on the food storage and water supply areas of your property
  • Mice create greasy trails or rub marks whenever they move in or out of the property
  • Look for holes and pipe leakages around your home and business

4 DIY Tips to Get Rid of Mice & Rats in Vaughan

If you have decided to exterminate mice from your property with your own, then you are reading the right stuff. There are countless ways to get rid of mice and rats from a home, business, shop, restaurant, office, warehouse, etc. Make sure to use protective measures and avoid toxic products as they can harm anyone. Take a look below to try the most effective ways to keep mice and rats out from a property. In case you notice the presence of mice again in your property after DIY practices, then you must contact a professional mice control company.

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Keep Your Home Clean

The main reason mice enter into homes and businesses is the presence of food openly left in the dining space, living area or kitchen. When you keep your home or business kitchen tidy, mice and rats won't get anything to eat. They will be more likely to run away from your property if you don't entertain them with food waste. Take every measure to safely dispose of all food items to keep mice out of your home and business. Ensure to refrigerate items that attract mice and rats to invade your property. This way, you will not only keep your home or business space clean but also avoids mice infestation in a natural manner. One of the best ways to stop the entry of mice and rats is to keep your trash far from your property. When mice smell garbage outside of your property, it can naturally vacant your home or business space.

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Try Various Baits

From natural oil to ready-made bait formulas, there are dozens of ways to get rid of mice and rats in Vaughan. For this, you will need some time to search on the internet for things that can eliminate rats and mice, like herbal oils. Once you choose the right bait, ensure to put it in areas from where mice usually enter your property. This way you can easily trap a mice or rat that is lurking around your property with applying toxic pesticides. The best remedy to make your commercial or residential property a mice-free zone without chemical treatments is to get rid of food disposal as soon as possible. Ensure to clean your garden or backyard every week to stop mice invade your property through it. Keep baits away from the reach of kids and pets as they can harm them seriously.

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Keep Mice Away With Cats

Another way to get rid of mice is to get a cat that is popular for eliminating mice and rats. They are easily available in the pet shop, so you can get them to exterminate mice from your home or business with no regret. If you want to get the best results, ensure to look for a cat that is well trained to hunt mice. This DIY way will not only work for getting rid of mice lurking around your property, but it will also help you to avoid any further mice invasion for a long time. Call a reliable mice control service like Pesticon if you have an allergy to cats.

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Call a Mice Control Expert

The most effective way to deal with different types of pests and mice that are lurking around your property is to call an expert. By hiring experts, you can easily get rid of mice and rats by comfortably sitting on a couch or watching your favourite play. Ensure to opt for a mice removal company that is popular for eliminating pests and rodents in Vaughan. Or else it might become a daunting task for you to keep unwanted creatures away from your residential or commercial space effortlessly.

How to Protect Your Health by
Keeping Rats & Mice under Control

According to a recent survey-based report, rats and mice can spread over 35 diseases in humans and pets. The report also adds that mice diseases can pass into humans 3x faster than in pets through direct or indirect contact. Therefore it is vital for you to control Mice and rats that are active in your property by acquiring a professional's pest control service provider assistance. A Reliable Mice Removal Company will efficiently control mice and eliminate health risks for you, your family, customers, employees, and pets. If not, it will become a nerve-wracking task for you to get rid of unwelcome guests that carry dozens of diseases that can infect you and your loved ones in no time, such as plague, salmonellosis, leptospirosis, and tularaemia.

  • Mice can be easily and quickly controlled by professional extermination only
  • Make sure to keep food waste away from the property or cover it appropriately
  • Regularly remove standing water inside or around your property
  • Store food items in a refrigerator or strong air-tight container
  • Close all the potential access points of mice and rats around your property

What Should I Do If I Have Mice On My Property?

There are dozens of ways to get rid of mice from your business and residential property. If you fail to exterminate mice on your own, then you must seek the assistance of a local pest control service to eliminate mice from your home, shop, restaurant, warehouse, or any business unit. Contact our local mice removal experts to get a free custom quote after evaluation. Our certified experts know what is best for keeping mice and rats away from your Vaughan home or business. We guarantee our results. We will thoroughly assess your property to offer you custom recommendations and next steps for getting long-term relief from mice and rats.

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What Makes Pesticon Number #1 for Mice Control in Vaughan?

From Specialised Team to High-End Tools, Nonstop Customer Support, Proactive Treatment, and Long-Term Warranty, there are numerous reasons that make us leading mice to control service providers in Vaughan. Our prime goal is to offer true peace of mind by exterminating mice and rats from homes and businesses for decades. Have a look below to unveil reasons that make us top-rated among the rest mice and rats removal services.

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Specialized Teams

By utilizing a specialized team, we get rid of mice and rats infestation that is giving tough time to residents and business owners in Vaughan. If you want to eliminate mice infestation permanently with no regret, we can help. We will thoroughly identify and exterminate mice infestation inside or outside of your property without breaking the bank. Our PRO team uses the newest and advanced tools to effectively exterminate mice and rats that are damaging your property and reputation. So, don't miss the chance to exterminate mice and rats for decades by calling our professional support team.

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Proactive Treatments

When it comes to mice and rats' removal, it is necessary to take proactive measures. Through a highly trained team, we exterminate mice and rats infestation from inside and outside areas of a property even on the same day. We are consistently helping residents and business owners of Vaughan to get rid of mice and rats without creating a hole in their pockets. If you want to get back your home or business from unwanted mice, then call us for a free estimate.

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Affordable Mice Control Services

We are highly motivated to serve businesses and residents of Vaughan in the best way possible. Hence we offer pocket-friendly mice control services to meet all your needs without financial burden. Look no further if you are searching for cost-effective ways to eliminate mice from your Vaughan property. We are ready to serve you with a custom quote that will cater to all your needs in a budget-friendly manner. Simply call us and leave the rest on us. We will end all your woes related to mice and rats extermination in no time.

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