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Professional Ant Removal Services Oakville

Pest control is a vital task that should be carried out regularly in our homes and businesses to ensure health and hygiene. In Oakville, Pesticon provides pest control solutions by helping you eliminate pests such as bed bugs, mice, termites, ants and more in your property.

We have been in operation for many years and we have received various awards from HomeStars (9.9 rating) and Better Business Bureau for our exceptional services in pest control.

Pesticon has a dedicated team of professionals who are trained to eliminate any pests and humanely remove small animals. We are a licensed firm operating in the larger region of Southern Ontario and we have always strived to satisfy our clients by providing unique and quality pest removal services in Oakville.

Mice Control in Oakville

Mice are dangerous pests that can cause a lot of havoc in your home or business. While not active biters, the germs they carry can cause allergy/irritation and transmit diseases. Pesticon has wide experience in mice control/removal and the technicians will apply the needed control measures to ensure that all mice are eliminated in your home or business.

Mice can also rip up your valuable clothes and cause property destruction. The Pesticon team of experts uses traps and other methods to trace and eradicate all mice in your home and business. When we visit, your mice problem is guaranteed to go away!

Bed Bug Extermination in Oakville

Bed bugs invade your beddings and furniture where they hide and come out at night. They are known to give people sleepless nights due to their frequent bites. They suck blood and cause irritation and painful welts. They make your home or business unpleasant thus, causing notable stress.

Pesticon is now your safety net from bed bugs in Oakville. We provide bed bug removal services that ensure that you regain your peace of mind and restful sleep. Our team of experts employs unique techniques to ensure bed bugs are removed from your home or business completely. The most common are;

  • Chemical treatment
  • Heat treatment

Termite Control in Oakville

Termites are known to cause serious damages to wooden furniture. Termites invade your home and they can be a great threat to most of your valuables. Pesticon technicians are fully equipped with the latest technology in Termite control and they will ensure fast resolution to your Termite issues.

Pesticon uses various termite removal methods such as; monitoring, gas fumigation, bait devices, heat treatment, and foundation control measures.

Ant Control Services

Ants are small pests that appear to be harmless but they can cause a real problem if they invade your home/business. There are different species of ants each with unique survival mechanism. When they invade your home or business, they can cause unpleasant disruptions. Some have the ability to bite or even sting and can be much more than a minor nuisance.

Pesticon Company ensures that your hygiene comes first and we are able to trace the ants’ colony and eliminate the queen thus eliminating this menace completely from your premises. Contact us today if you are in any part of Oakville for exceptional ant removal services.

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Our Guarantee

Pesticon offers the best pest control services in Toronto that our backed by our 6 months guarantee. We will visit your property free of charge if your pest problems persist as your satisfaction is our number 1 priority!

Pesticon has consistently won the HomeStars award for Best Pest Control Company for 4 years in a row serving Toronto and GTA


Professional Residential Exterminator

Pest control is an important practice that ensures that our homes and business premises are safe and enjoyable to live in. pests such as mice, bed bugs, termites and ants are the most common insects that invade homes in Ajax.

If your house or business premises is infested by any of this, consider seeking help from experts. Our unique standards in service delivery have set us apart from the rest.

Our contribution to comfortable stinging insects-free housing enabled us to earn an honor of A+ rating according to the Better Business Bureau and a HomeStars rating of 9.9. We provide reliable pest control services that you can trust.

The company has experienced and highly trained professionals who have the skills to eradicate any type of pest in your compound. Pesticon is fully registered and it legally operates in Ajax and other parts of the GTA.

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