pest control Etobicoke

Professional Pest Control Services Etobicoke

Pests can negatively impact on the day to day operations of both your business premises and households if left unchecked. Pesticon has been award-winning services in Etobicoke that have seen us scoop Homestars’ Award for Best Pest Control Company for four years. We are also rated A+ by the better business bureau.

Pesticon guarantees you peace of mind by ridding your properties of all kind of pest and wildlife animals.

Pesticon certified and highly trained technicians will provide you with fast, efficient and same day services, and will always pay your property a visit if the pest invasion problems persist. The technicians will do this at no extra cost.

Pesticon Pest Control and Elimination methods which are highly effective, up-to-date and environmentally friendly, will successfully exterminate:

  • Mice: Mice can be a nuisance especially at night when they freely roam in every corner of your home and can make you feel hapless, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Pesticon technicians will trap and completely rid your home and compound free of them.
  • Bed bugs: Bed bugs wreck havoc in your homes especially at night when trying to catch some sleep. Bugs’ biting leave ugly bite marks all over your skin and this is can be detrimental to the health of your family members and especially small kids whose skin is very sensitive. Pesticon will offer you a lasting solution by High Heat destroying treatment which completely and successfully destroys even their eggs and give you a bed bug-free home
  • Termites and Ants: Termites are highly dangerous to the wood in your property. Ants less so, but they can affect wood frames, food stores and more. Pesticon have a range of termite and ant control options for our Etobicoke customers.
  • Wasps: Pesticon technicians repel them using our highly effective repellents, clean and destroy their nests.
  • Spiders: We will use Ultra Heat Treatment to reach into the deepest wall and deck cracks where spiders hide and destroy their nets.
  • Cockroaches: We mostly find cockroaches in dark places like the basement and sewers paths. Pesticon Company engages the use of active powders and high heat treatment application method to smoke them out and completely destroy their hatcheries.
  • Squirrels and Raccoons: Our technicians will trace and trap them in humane ways and seal all their entryways.

We use modern techniques to enable sustainable and environmentally friendly pest control. This ranges from revolutionary Ultra-Heat Treatment, use of repellents, hands on the removal of larger animals, sealing of the wildlife animals’ entryways and more. Pesticon guarantees you a lasting solution from the nagging pest invasion of your home.

With Pesticon pest control services, pest invasion in and around Etobicoke area will never be of a bother to you again.