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Pesticon Pest Control removes rodents from anywhere in or around your home or business. We Guarantee rodent removal - If they return within 6 months, we'll come back for free.

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Why Should You Act Now for Rodent Control in Cambridge?

Do you often hear gnawing sounds on your property? Do you see droppings around food packages, in drawers or cupboards, and under the sink? Do you see stale smells coming from hidden areas? It means that you have a rodent infestation in your house or office. Rodents can cause enough damage to your property to make your life miserable. Think of wirings, walls, cupboards, and everything in between. If there are rodents in your home or building, you should waste no time calling the best rodent control service in Cambridge to help.

Pesticon is a reliable name for rodent control. They are equipped with the most advanced equipment and apply the best methods to get rid of rodents from your home, whether they are squirrels, rats, or mice. Our pest control professionals are fully trained and licensed; therefore, you can trust us to get rid of them permanently. 

Our Guarantee

Pesticon offers the best pest control warranty and services in Toronto backed by our 6 Months Guarantee. We will even visit your property free of charge if your pest problem persists as your satisfaction is our number one priority!

Why Hire Pesticon to Remove Rodent From Your Home or Building

  • We guarantee the removal of the entire ant colony.
  • We know the nesting areas of ants and their species.
  • We offer you the best solutions for ant control in Cambridge.
  • Our services are affordable, timely, and reliable.
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Keep Mice and Rats from Spreading Diseases

All across the world, it is known that rats and mice can spread over 35 diseases to infect people and pets, including Plague, Salmonellosis, Leptospirosis, Tularemia, and much more. These diseases can be passed on to you if you get in direct contact with a rat bite, unsafely handle and dispose of infected dead rats, eat food or drink water contaminated with the mice droppings, including their feces, saliva, hair, and urine. Keep yourself, your children, and your pets safe by partnering with pest control professionals. We make sure that you stay safe, healthy, and happy.

What Services Does Pesticon Offer for Rodent Control?

We ensure that the mice or rat infestation is completely eradicated from your place and that they don’t come back immediately. That is another problem that many people face. As soon as they clear up an infestation, it comes back in a couple of weeks. We check every nook and cranny and block all the entry and exit points. We don’t just finish the job and leave. We keep in touch and take regular feedback to make sure that the rodents stay away. We don’t just make customers; we create relationships.

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Rodent Removal Cambridge

Our Rodent Control
Methods in Cambridge

All the methods we offer for rodent control are safe for you, your family, and your pets. We never use toxic chemicals and make sure everyone is safe during the process. They are also eco-friendly and do not harm the environment. Our rodent control methods in Cambridge will eliminate the rodent problem for good; thus, rodents will not show up again on your property.

Our One-Year Treatment
for Rodent Control

One of our highly sought after services is the one-year treatment. We offer this service to both residential and commercial clients. Highly effective and budget-friendly, it is a long-term solution to all your problems. This service is not only for rodents but all other insects. It is highly effective and ensures a full year of rodent-free living and working. We spray your entire property inside and out. We cover all the entry and exit points. We come back after some time for maintenance therapy that ensures continuous safety.

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Things That You Need to Know About Rodent Infestation and Our Natural Tips for Rodent Control in Cambridge

Remove Rodents and Racoons in Cambridge

Don’t wait till the infestation has spread throughout your space to take action. There are several things you can do to keep them from coming into your house uninvited. Usually, people just use various types of poisons and baits for rodent control in Cambridge, but they are not optimum. This is especially true if you have kids running around the house or pets. 

One of the things that attract rodents is food items. Make sure that you keep all your food items in the refrigerator. If you are keeping them in cupboards, make sure that you keep them in sealed jars. Keep your pantry, cupboards, and trash cans as clean as you can. Do not keep anything open as the smell can attract these creatures from far away.

If you find any cracks outside and inside your home, fill them with steel wool. Why steel wool? Because it is too thick for rodents to get through. Avoid having large piles of sticks and wood outside your home. 

Pets like dogs and cats are a good way to keep the rodents away. Some of them are specially trained to hunt and kill rodents. Keep your pets on high alert for any signs of rodents.

You can also set traps for rodents. This is a far better technique than laying out poison pills around the house. Sticky traps and snap traps can be of great help to you to catch rodents and remove them.

Why Hire a Pest Control Expert?

Nowadays, people are way too busy with jobs and other obligations to take care of rodents themselves. But this doesn’t mean waiting till the last minute to call experts. It is highly recommended that you call a pest control expert in Cambridge as soon as you see signs of rodents. Also, we do this for a living. Calling us ensures the least amount of damage to your property and guaranteed peace of mind after we’re done.

Best Rodent Control Expert Cambridge
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Why Hire Us for
Rodent Control in Cambridge?

There are various reasons why people in and around Cambridge trust Pesticon for rodent control. Some of them are:

  • Pesticon can safely and efficiently remove the rats, mice, and squirrels from your home, as it has highly-trained professionals to do this job.
  • We utilize the latest methods for rodent control in Cambridge.
  • Our services are humane and environment-friendly.
  • We only use chemicals if we feel an intense need to make your home rodent-proof.
  • The health and safety of your pets and family is our top-most priority. 
  • Our rodent control services are affordable, timely, and quick.

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