Mice Control in Cambridge

Pesticon brings its customers an exceptional mice control service in Cambridge. We guarantee the complete removal of mice from your home or the workplace.

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Remove Mice From Your Home or
Business in Cambridge

Mice are the kind of pests that can cause horrific damage to a property if not taken care of in time. Other rodents such as squirrels and beavers can also become a problem for you. But when it comes to mice, you definitely don't want them around your home or office.

Many factors make mice control in Cambridge an important aspect for property owners. You would never want anything so small that can't be controlled, ruining the value of your property. That is why Pesticon is serving professional pest control services in Cambridge, Kitchener, Guelph, and beyond. Whether it's mice or rats, we are here to protect your property from their destruction. And we do all of this without putting anyone in danger. Our mice control services in Cambridge are advanced and ensure a long-term relief from any pests.

Our Guarantee

Pesticon offers the best pest control warranty and services in Toronto backed by our 6 Months Guarantee. We will even visit your property free of charge if your pest problem persists as your satisfaction is our number one priority!

Why Hire Pesticon to Remove Mice in Cambridge

Out of the many reasons, the most common one is our experience in this line. We have managed to assemble a team of dedicated people who take pest control very seriously. Some other reasons that people choose us for mice control in Cambridge are:

  • We have all the required essentials for mice control
  • Our mice extermination ensures a long-term relief
  • Our services can be tailored as per the severity of the infestation and your requirements.
  • We ensure that your family members and pets are safe while we do our work.
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How do house mice cause trouble for homeowners

House mice are considered the most troublesome pests all across Canada. They consume the food that is meant for human beings and pets. They also contaminate the kitchen surfaces with their feces that can cause severe food poisoning, among other diseases.

Mice can damage critical structural parts of the house, such as walls, roofs, and internal material. They also gnaw the wires, resulting in severe damage to the electrical appliances. All of these damages and troubles can be kept at bay by making just one call. Yes, that is right, the most professional mice control team is one call away from you.

How can Pesticon help you?

If you happen to spot any mouse in your home or office, you have to get the area immediately inspected by professionals. When you contact us for an inspection, we don't think twice before reaching your place and start with the inspection process.

Any delay in the inspection means further infestation. Therefore, we ensure that your place is checked in time and immediate preventive measures can be taken. Once a mice infestation is confirmed, our team quickly sets up their shop and start with the extermination. Without causing any harm to the environment, we make sure that your family and your pets live in peace. The whole extermination consists of three integral steps, which are:

Mice Control in Cambridge
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We Begin with Inspection

We have our professional methods to ensure that there is not a single corner that is left out. There are many instances where homeowners are certain about no entry points for the mice. But after our thorough inspection, we often point out those guilty corners or spaces from where these rodents get in and out. Our experts also identify the points that can become the new entry or exit points for these smart pests.

Fool-Proof Extermination

After the successful inspection, our mice exterminators begin the real action. Yes, this is the part where you will be getting rid of those mice that have been causing you all the trouble. To make our extermination process safe for children and tamper-proof, we ensure the utilization of the advanced techniques. That may include baits and other rodenticides. Our methods or strategies vary with the severity of the infestation. All of this will be done after a proper discussion with the property owner so that there is no confusion or discrepancy.

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Thorough Cleanup

Once our technicians are done with the extermination, it is crucial to get rid of all the traps and baits that were set. We don't leave your property in a dilapidated condition. In fact, Pesticon believes in going the extra mile, and we take care of your place sincerely. We make sure that your home or office looks as clean as it was before the extermination.

Our cleaning process is not only limited to winding up all the mess. We also go ahead and seal all the entry and exit points for the mice. This ensures no return for the troublesome pests. Working with Pesticon, you will also benefit from multiple pest control options because Pesticon does exterminate all sorts of pests and infestations.

additional benefits that you get when Pesticon is your choice for mouse removal in Cambridge

It will not be a surprise for you to find as many extermination services in Cambridge as there are mice in your home. Having so many options is always a dilemma, and sometimes you end up choosing the wrong service. It is also possible that you choose Pesticon without any research and be lucky. Therefore we recommend you do proper research before finalizing who should come to your home for the extermination. There are some additional benefits that you get when you choose Pesticon. Read on to find out what we are talking about.

  • Specialized Teams

    Although Pesticon deals with over 15 types of different extermination services, we have a separate team of experts for each service type. We have specialized teams for ant control, mouse control, bedbugs removal, fleas control, spider removal, termite control, cockroach removal, wasp/hornet nest removal, and more. These teams comprise technicians who have been making their living out of extermination. Those who have a vast knowledge of bees, hornets, wasps, and other similar species will only serve under the wasp removal service. Similar is the case with all the other extermination services that we provide in Cambridge.

  • Dedicated Tools

    We don't believe in using the same tools repeatedly until they are broken. Pesticon has successfully brought together some of the most innovative solutions for homeowners and office workers in Cambridge. These solutions are materialized by making use of only the optimum tools and technologies. We specially take care of the sanitization and ensure a deep clean extermination service. Mice make life difficult by chewing important stuff and contaminate the place so much that one can't even breathe. All the skunky odours and the mess that mice cause can only go away when the right tools are used. This is where Pesticon serves rightfully by bringing in their dedicated tools.

  • Reliable Service

    Once you decide to give up on your DIY methods and call in the professionals, it is best to reach out to the most reliable service providers. Pesticon has been serving as a reliable pest control service provider since 2001. You can put your trust in the people who have been doing the same thing for 20 years. Since we are committed to excel, every day, we try to make our services better than before. This commitment has caused our experts to devise some brilliant techniques and methods. Our methods are certainly different and ensure a long-lasting relief.

  • Same Day Service

    Not every pest control company provides same day services or services on an urgent basis. But here at Pesticon, we are ready whenever you need the extermination service. In most cases, an inspection is required on a very urgent basis. Suppose we find out during the inspection the need to start the extermination immediately. In that case, we can arrange it without any delay. That makes our service fast, reliable, and worth your hard-earned money.

  • 6 Month Guarantee

    Pesticon guarantees you complete peace of mind from the mice or any other trouble-causing pest. In this regard, we provide a 6-month guarantee during which if the pests return, we will come back without any additional charges. Once this six-month phase is passed clean, it is very unusual for the pest to return. But still, Pesticon is always there for the professional extermination service. Even if they return after years of our service, we will still be ready to make them go away for another decade so that you can have your peaceful nights back.

Do Not Take Mice Infestation Lightly

Mice infestation can cause damage worth millions of dollars if not taken care of in time. How does that happen? A simple act of negligence can cause all of this harm. If you spot a mouse in your home or office and you ignore it, you may be ignoring a full-fledged infestation. You never know how many mice are inside the walls, attic, or other hiding spots.

We all know how fast the mice reproduce. So even if there are two, you will not have to wait for months before they have a whole colony. One hungry mouse is enough to cause you substantial damage. Now imagine the whole colony working hard behind the curtains. Therefore, we recommend taking immediate action as you come across even a single mouse in your home or office.

The immediate action certainly does not refer to running to the nearest convenience store and getting a pesticide or setting up DIY mouse traps. These things can cause further waste of time and money. And in some cases, some non-recommended pesticides can cause severe harm to you or your family members. It is always best to contact professional exterminators and make it easy on yourself.

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Other Pest Control Services
by Pesticon

Sometimes it is possible to have multiple pests infestation together in one place. For example, you moved into a place recently. You found out that the previous owner was not very careful with their kitchenware. In that case, you may have mice infestation as well as ants infestation. For such scenarios, you should seek the exterminators who deal with it all.

Pesticon is your one-stop service provider where you get expert services from ants to wildlife control. Our other pest control services include Ant Control, Bed bugs removal, Fleas control, Spider removal, Termite control, Cockroach removal, Wasp/hornet nest removal, Carpenter Ant services, Animal Control, and Home protection program.

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