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Pest Control Services Burlington

Pesticon are the premiere company offering efficient, reliable and results-oriented pest control services in Burlington. We have been controlling and eliminating pests from business premises and homes all around Burlington for the last 15 years.

Our satisfied customers have given us a 9.9 rating in on Homestars, and the BBB (Better Business Bureau) has given us an A+ rating.

Human beings are just not made to live with creepy crawlies. Pests bring different diseases, evoke all kinds of fears and phobias, leading to sleepless nights. These problems can easily be solved and get a lasting long-term solution if you engage quick and efficient solutions from professionals like Pesticon Pest Control Company.

We successfully over the years have been using nature-friendly methods to exterminate insect pests and safely relocating wildlife.

Termites and Ants Removal

Our technicians are highly skilled to eliminate Termites and control them. If your Burlington home or business has a termite problem, here is how you can detect it:

  • Small wings near the entry point of the property
  • Termite stool/dropping, appear as minor, ribbed, light brown-colored pellets
  • Mud tubes on walls or floors

We use industry leading technology to eliminate termites. Some methods include powder-spraying, heat-treating their nests and points of infestation while ensuring zero damage to your surroundings.

Mice and Wildlife Animals Removal

Smaller wildlife animals like mice are very notorious. They mostly invade your attics, basements, kitchens and closets. They notoriously feed on garbage and sewage refuses thus exposing you to diseases but also feed on home wooden structures thus reducing their structural integrity. Mice also destroy clothing, and this can be discouraging to the pocket. Pesticon technicians will trace, lay the trap and rid your property of them.

Fleas, Bed Bugs and Tiny Insects Eradication

Bed bugs, lice, fleas and all the tiny insects will refuse to go away if unsuccessful home remedies are applied. Pesticon will offer and guarantee you lasting results by using our tried and tested Pest eradication methods, such as our high heat treatment which is the most suitable and efficient method for killing eggs hatched by pest on invisible areas of your furniture, clothing and even deep inside walls cracks.

Our dedicated, highly experienced technicians guarantee to rid and give you a pest-free habitable space. For your pest control services, Contact Pesticon in Burlington and enjoy our lasting solution for pest invasion.