Professional Pest & Wildlife Control Services in Mississauga

Pesticon offers professional and humane wildlife removal and pest control services for residential and commercial clients in Mississauga and all over the GTA. We are licensed and insured to offer professional pest control Mississauga so you can count on us to deliver each time. Our goal is to get the job done right the very first time and provide timely services. Our team is professional and friendly and will work with you to get around your busy schedules.

We use family and pet-friendly products to try to target those specific pests invading your home or business premise. We promise no smelly or unsafe sprays in your home. The best part is, we provide immediate and long-lasting pest control relief from ants, mice, bedbugs, flies, termites, and other occasional invaders. We make every effort to offer competitive prices without ever skimping on the quality of service we deliver.

Our Pest Control Services


We offer quick and effective methods of ant control in Mississauga. Ants can be a nuisance when they get into your property. These invaders travel through unsanitary areas before they get to your countertops where you prepare your food. If you notice small piles of earth around holes in the soil or at the base of exterior walls, there could be ants in your home. We offer professional ant control Mississauga using products that are perfectly safe for your family and pets.

Mice Control Services

Do you suspect that you have mice in your house or business premise? Rodent invasion can quickly escalate from bad to worse if you don’t deal with it quickly. These creatures can be extremely destructive and even spread diseases like salmonella putting the occupants of the building at risk. At Pesticon, we offer professional mice control Mississauga. We will evaluate the damage, look out for the source of rodents and determine the best course of action to prevent further invasion.

Wildlife Removal

Are animal intruders in your compound? Get them removed day or night by the Pesticon team. We offer wildlife control Mississauga and use a humane approach that will relieve you of the invading animal fast. We can effectively evict raccoons, squirrels, and groundhogs among others. Our wildlife removal specialists will visit your home or business, perform inspections and identify the areas where the animals are sneaking in and even recommend protection devices to protect the property from animal damage in the future.

Bedbug Removal

At Pesticon, we know how frustrating bedtime can be when bedbugs invade your home. That’s why our pest control specialists will offer the best treatment possible to eliminate bedbugs from your house. These tiny bugs can be very difficult for property owners to detect. Our specialists are trained to fully inspect your home and determine the source of bed bugs then use the most effective treatment to eliminate them.


Have you noticed termites in your home or business? Get rid of them for good with our termite control services Mississauga. We are well equipped to handle the termite problem you face in your home or commercial property. We use safe and efficient methods to eliminate termites and even advice on ways to keep them off your property for good.


At Pesticon, we use innovative treatments to remove a wide range of insects. Our insect removal experts are professional and experts. They are all well trained on how to perform a thorough inspection of the property to evaluate, diagnose and eliminate insects such as ants, fleas, spiders, cockroaches, and flies. We’ll not leave you with a pile of mess after eliminating these insects in your compound. Our team will remove all visible specimens from your property.

Reach out to our team today and find out what we can do for you.