Why Should You Hire Pest Control Experts in Kitchener for Cockroach Removal?

Cockroaches are the most common type of pests found in homes and offices in Kitchener. The sight of a cockroach can ruin your day – not just by looking at it but being worried about their nasty infestation.

When Should You Be Worried About Cockroach Infestation?

If there is one, there will be more. Just keep this in mind and decide for yourself if you can ignore the presence of one cockroach or not. There is no chance that there is no other cockroach, and one suddenly emerges from the ground. First, they live in sewers – that is their favourite spot. Cockroaches usually don’t wander around alone. If one of them did and you let it go, these uninvited dirty critters will soon visit your home in droves.

Commonly Found Species Of Cockroaches In Kitchener

There are mainly three species of cockroaches found in Kitchener, Canada: The German cockroach, the Oriental cockroach, and the American cockroach. German cockroaches are small and are only half an inch. On the other hand, the American cockroach is a full two inches and can scare the heck out of you when you see it. Oriental ones have varying sizes, but you can identify them by their dark brown-reddish colour.

Why Hire Pest Control Experts For Cockroach Removal?

Cockroach removal is not an easy task. Even if you find the perfect DIY guide to removing the cockroaches from your home in Kitchener, it doesn’t ensure complete removal. Your time, energy, and health are more important than getting into this tedious activity yourself. Many homeowners make the mistake of taking a cockroach infestation lightly and end up getting damages. On the other hand, Pest control experts have all the professional tools and equipment needed to eliminate those roaches completely. They have the experience to identify all the hiding spots of cockroaches that you can never guess. All the filth that these pest control experts have to deal with is their routine job, and they have the stamina to bear it all. Homeowners often try to exterminate cockroaches using DIY methods. The sprays you buy from a convenience store might not be suitable for the cockroach species invading your home. Professional exterminators not only devise their own pesticides for the specific types of pests, but their solutions are custom-made even for the different species of the same pest.

Post-Extermination Cleaning

Let’s assume you did exterminate all the cockroaches in your home on your own. The piles of dead bodies of the cockroaches will now be everywhere. When you use pesticides that are not explicitly designed for the pest’s specific species, they try to run for their life while the venom kills them. It makes them reach places they would not usually go. You will not be able to find all the dead bodies, and as a result, you may have another infestation very soon.


To save yourself from all the trouble, just make a call to the nearest pest control experts and let them do what they are good at. It is unnecessary to deal with pests on your own when it doesn’t even do the required job correctly. Instead of saving some dollars, you can waste more trying to exterminate the cockroaches on your own. For more information, get in touch with our experts today.

Waheed Ahmed, CEO of Pesticon Pest Control

Written by: Waheed Ahmed Founder & CEO, Pesticon Pest Control

For over 18 years, Waheed has provided customers with the best pest control services in the Greater Toronto Area. The longevity of Pesticon is due to his philosophy of genuinely caring for his customers and putting them first. It's this kind of passion that has won him the HomeStars Award over 9 years in a row. 

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