Five Things You Need To Know About Cockroaches in Vaughan

With some of the oddest survival tactics used by cockroaches, here are five things you need to know about cockroaches in Vaughan. Cockroaches are the single most disgusting and resilient pests in the history of pests. There are so many health and safety risk factors associated with these pests. They are responsible for triggering so many allergies in humans. They live a secret life, and because they are small in size, it is tough to locate them. If you start to spot them in the daytime, it means you have a cockroach infestation, and it is time to call Pesticon for cockroach removal treatment. Cockroaches are hard to kill; they can survive some very harsh environments making them immune to many things that can kill other pests.

In this article, we will provide you with some fascinating facts about cockroaches. You will be shocked at how hard it is to get rid of them and how old they are.

Five Fascinating Facts About Cockroaches

Can Live Without A Head

Cockroaches can live without their heads, and it’s pretty incredible how resilient they are to survive such a painful thing. The reason of their survival is the fact how their body is built. Due to their circulatory system, they can breathe through segments in their body. This helps them survive for some time, but eventually, they cannot drink water and die of thirst without the head.

Can Hold Breath For Half An Hour

Pests like cockroaches practice holding their breath, making them do it for an extended time. Cockroaches can hold their breath for nearly 40 minutes. It’s impressive, but it also makes them quite hard to kill.

They Are Prehistoric

It is hard to believe, but studies have shown that cockroaches have survived for almost 4 million years, with more than 3500 species surviving every possible way that can kill them. One species known as german cockroaches is the most common and can be found in homes, offices, warehouses, restaurants, and more.

Can Survive Without Food

Cockroaches can survive without food. They can take long breaks without food for up to a month. This means that simply cutting their food supply won’t help get rid of them.

Diverse Diet

Cockroaches prefer sweet, starchy items, but to survive, they can stay on anything. From soaps, hair, paper, leather or glue, you name it. This is what makes them hard to kill. No matter how much you try to cut the food source, they will find anything listed above and will survive for sure.

In Conclusion

This proves that cockroaches are the most adaptable creature on earth. This is why ending cockroach infestation is a challenging process. It is safe to say that experts are needed to get rid of them. Keeping your food sealed and keeping your house clean can result in them moving to another location. All homeowners should be able to identify all holes and cracks and close them at once.

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Waheed Ahmed, CEO of Pesticon Pest Control

Written by: Waheed Ahmed Founder & CEO, Pesticon Pest Control

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