3 Best Cockroach Repellants in Toronto

Imagine that you were going to get the clothes from your wardrobe and find a cockroach inside. Yes! That would be so disgusting. Especially the flying cockroaches. Fortunately, they are not too common everywhere.

Battling a roach infestation is a difficult task. However, you can get rid of them by using some of the best products and repellants. Secondly, if you are looking for professional pest treatment, you should contact a pest control company. They will ensure that your house is treated properly to get rid of all the nasty cockroaches. On the other hand, if you have pets in your house, let them know about it, so they use pet-friendly products.

Cockroaches carry diseases. They are known for spreading bacteria that could contaminate your food. Also, they have some allergen sources, which can negatively affect people with asthma.

In this article, we will discuss cockroach repellents and what are the different options you have.

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Cockroach Repellent

The cockroach repellent is essential for deceiving the cockroach. Once you spray the repellents in the part of your house, the cockroach would sense that that particular place is uninhabitable now. The chances of the roaches going back to that place get low.

There are two different kinds of repellents: the indoor one and the outdoor one. Invisible barriers prevent roaches from crossing when you use repellent. You shouldn’t worry about the smell of the products. Most of the time, they are odourless or could have a smell that is pleasant to humans. However, you have to be cautious if you have pets and children in your house. Don’t use the repellent in places that are easily accessible for your pets and children as they could have some ingredients that are not good for the pets and humans.

One of the bad things about repelling cockroaches with the repellent is that you’d have to use it again and again because water can wash off these repellents easily. However, the good thing is that it won’t have leave marks when you apply it. So, you can apply them to any part of your house, like walls and patio.

Here are some of the best repellents for cockroaches.

Best repellents

1-Boric Acid: It works by deteriorating the digestive system of the roaches and also destroying their exoskeleton.

2- Fabric softener: It has a pungent smell which the roaches don’t like at all. You need to get a bottle of water, mix some fabric softener in it, and then spray in those areas where you observe the activity of cockroaches.

3- Tea tree oil: This is one of the repellents you can easily make at home. You need to mix ¼ cup of both the vinegar and tea tree oil with water. Pour it into the spray bottle.


Repellents are good for minor cockroach infestations at your home. However, if you feel that the roaches are large in number, then these repellents might not work very well. That’s why you’d have to contact a pest control company to get the best cockroach control treatment. Once done, you can go ahead and prevent these cockroaches with the help of these repellents and always keep your house clean.

Waheed Ahmed, CEO of Pesticon Pest Control

Written by: Waheed Ahmed Founder & CEO, Pesticon Pest Control

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