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ants infestation signs

Ants Infestation Signs

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Signs That You Have an Ants Infestation Ants are one of the wood destroying insects that can cause considerable damage to your home. They range in size, and when swarming can look similar to termite swarmers. The difference is the Carpenter Ant has a small waist segment that the termite does not. Interestingly, this ant […]

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removing different kinds of ants across toronto

Removing Different Types of Ants across Toronto

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There are a wide variety of ant species. Below are a list of some of the most common ant species: Carpenter ant Field ant Fire ant Pharaoh ant Acrobat ant Mound ant Harvester ant Pavement ant Moisture ant Crazy ant The most common types of ant that can become a pest are Carpenter ants, Pharaoh […]

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most common types of ant infestations toronto

Most Common Types of Ant Infestations in Toronto:

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Carpenter Ants in Toronto Carpenter ants are larger sized ants, from 3-13mm size. Typically they are black colored, but can also be red shaded. You will find Carpenter ants both inside and outside in areas that have a lot of moisture. Many people equate Carpenter ants almost to Termites. However the comparison is only superficial. […]

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ant extermination

Ants Contamination, Infestation, Extermination

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n the summer, there are multiple kinds of ants found to infest homes and businesses in the GTA. The kinds of ants vary, from food search ants, mount building ants, carpenter ants, to stinging type ants. As such, it is necessary to contact Pesticon for pest control and ant removal services in order to properly diagnose the […]

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