Some Good Tips for Bed Bug Removal in Cambridge

Bed bugs are a nuisance whether they are in Cambridge or anywhere else. Also, once they infest your home, it is not easy to get rid of them. That is unless you know what makes them tick(a little pest-related humor). You need to understand these pesky pests to take any action that successfully results in their removal. You need to realize what makes these pests live, grow, and multiply. Unfortunately, bed bugs can also be found in the cleanest of hotels besides homes in Cambridge; thus, even a commercial space is not safe from these nasty creatures. What can you do for bed bug removal in Cambridge if you do not want to contact pest control professionals due to the budget shortage? First, you should study these bugs and find out all you can before starting extermination.

The Key Hiding Areas of Bed Bugs

You should know the main hiding areas of bed bugs first before you proceed with the elimination process. These bugs usually hide in the box spring, mattress, sheets, covers, and bed frame. You can utilize a bright flashlight to search for bed bugs. You may also see white spots in the hiding area, which are larvae; you need to get rid of them too. Now let us see some good tips for bedbug extermination in Cambridge:

1. Spraying:

Buy a legal bedbug spray, then start with the treatment. Spray on the corners of the bed and under it. Remove the drawers to spray there. Make sure you spray the bottoms and not the inside. Spray around the inside of your closet, door frame, and door plus windows.

2. Laundering:

Take clothes out where bud bugs might be sheltering in your home, and put them in the dryer on the hottest setting for 10 minutes (min). Do not forget that some fabrics do not tolerate extreme heat and can be damaged. It is not an effective method for too many clothing items.

 3. Vacuuming:

It is also one popular DIY tip for bed bug removal. You can remove bed bugs from the carpet surfaces, mattresses, linens, and box springs with a vacuum. Still, vacuuming is not a handy method to get rid of bedbugs’ tiny eggs, which may be present in floor cracks and hard-to-reach areas.

 4. Insecticides:

Apply residual insecticides in cracks and crevices. Residual insecticides will be highly effective if you remove the accumulated dirt and debris using a vacuum cleaner. You must apply insecticide for at least two weeks for the treatment to work. Why? Because it is hard to find the hiding places and hidden eggs that might have hatched. Do not use insecticides on beddings or linen as they either need to be dry cleaned or laundered in hot water.

5. Steam Cleaning:

Steam cleaning is also a practical option for bedbug removal as these obstinate pests hide deep in furniture and wall crevices. The success of this method depends on the type of steamer you use and proper use of it.

6. Opening Spaces:

Bedbugs like cluttered rooms so that they can hide and irritate you. If you keep the spaces open in your room, it will make it hard for them to hide from your sight and make cleaning easier for you. Still, this tip is only a preventive measure for bedbug removal.


If you find bed bugs in your home or hotel, it means you are in trouble as these pests never get tired from irritating people. If you do the following, you may get rid of bedbug infestation to some extent:

  1. Spraying
  2. Laundering
  3. Vacuuming
  4. Using insecticides
  5. Opening spaces
  6. Decluttering

Finally, the best option for you for bed bug removal in Cambridge is still that you contact a reputable pest control service.

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