Should You Choose DIY Techniques or Professionals for Bed Bug Removal in Kitchener?

Bedbugs are the kind of pests that are elusive, smart, and annoying at the same time. Getting rid of bed bugs completely and quickly is not an easy task for homeowners in Kitchener. Especially those who try to exterminate these bedbugs on their own. Let’s dive deeper into some facts about bedbugs to know if we need professional pest control experts or handle them independently.

Bedbug Facts

1.   Bedbugs are elusive

The chances of spotting a crawling bedbug are very few because they are super elusive. Bedbugs know places that you can’t even imagine. Bedbugs can easily slide into the tiniest crevices, cracks, or any other openings in your furniture. And since they have no interest in wood, like termites, they will not mind getting into any other object’s inside for shelter. These include electronic appliances, clothing, bags, purses, curtains, wallpapers, switch plates – you name it. Any warm area is an ideal shelter for bedbugs. It is really hard to find them let alone exterminate their groups.

2. Bedbugs can live both in groups or solitude

Bedbugs don’t need any colonies to lead a good life. All they need is one fat bloody-meal, and they are good for several months to come. Bedbugs can live without any food for months, and that is a proven fact. Bedbugs only come out when they sense no movement around. And if a bedbug got into someplace where there is frequent movement, it can wait in there longer than you can think. Because as we just discussed, they don’t need any colony to support each other. If a bedbug has had its meal, it will survive alone.

3. Bedbugs’ infestation develops slowly but comes all at once

As opposed to the common misconception about bedbugs’ reproduction speed, their reproduction rate is quite slow. An adult female bedbug can lay only one egg per day if it is fed. Then that egg takes ten days to hatch, and before it becomes an adult, the parent bedbug has to wait another five to six weeks. But the reproduction doesn’t stop; it goes on slowly and gradually until there is a whole army of them. This is the reason bedbugs don’t go away that easily. They have worked hard to invade your property, they have planned it well, and it is their infestation that leaves you helpless.

4. Bedbugs cannot be kept from biting during the day

Although bedbugs are nocturnal, they will not think twice if they feel the need to have another meal. A bedbug cannot be stopped with bright rooms or keeping the lights switched on at night. If you are asleep or not moving, you are an easy target for a bed bug.

Save your time, money, and energy and hire the Professionals

We know you think you can take them out, and maybe you can but at what cost? You will have to spend several nights hunting for bedbugs, spraying pesticides risking your own health, and whatnot. In some cases, people have reported having one of the family members fall severely sick because of the insecticide. Professional bed bug exterminators, on the other hand, use human and pet-friendly chemicals. Many times, heat treatment is also used for treating bed bugs by these professional pest control experts. So, it is much better to hire a professional rather than trying any DIY techniques to exterminate bedbugs in Kitchener.

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