Are There Bugs in My Insulation in Kitchener? What Should I Do?

Bugs and pests often take up residence in forgotten corners of unused rooms, in the attic or basement, or near entrances where they have found their way in.

You may not know this, but bugs can even live in your Kitchener home’s insulation.

Is insulation a home for bugs?

You can find cluster flies, termites, moths and silverfish in your attic or other parts of your house.

Moreover, pests such as mice and rats may burrow into your attic insulation and carry fleas and ticks in their fur if they have entered your attic.

It’s also possible for bed bugs to make their way up to your attic, travelling from another part of your home, such as your bedroom or the clothes in your wardrobe, or your lounge’s upholstery.

When old clothing and bedding aren’t being used, the boxes will go up to the attic, where the bed bugs can leave their nesting place and burrow into the insulation as they like dark, comfortable areas to hide from the environment.

Does Insulation Attract Bugs?

While insulation isn’t a food source for most bugs, they find that it makes an ideal place to hide and hunker down once they get their hands on it.

Insulation gives pests a place to nest, a place to hide away from predators, and a shelter from the elements. Thus, attic insulation can become a breeding ground for various insects, making pest control crucial in your Kitchener home.

Despite this, a few pests feed on your insulation, increasing the likelihood that you will find them there, destroying it piece by piece. It is estimated that there are around 80 types of pests globally, of which cockroaches are the most common.

Many people have questions about silverfish eating attic insulation as well as cockroaches.

A silverfish is another bug you may find in your attic because they eat insulation, and in particular, the paper backing sometimes found on attic insulation.

Do Bugs Like Fibreglass Insulation?

Fibreglass insulation is preferable to bugs over other types of attic insulation, despite being imbued with tiny pieces of glass, which most of us wouldn’t want to sleep in. For example, silverfish and cockroaches can consume fibreglass insulation without enduring serious digestive problems, so this type of insulation won’t keep attic pests at bay.

How to Eliminate Bugs From Insulation in Your Kitchener House?

Since attics are typically dark, cluttered, and have closed access to the outside, bugs can easily enter. If they’ve managed to find their way inside, there are a few things you can do to keep them from destroying your insulation. Additionally, you can prevent them from infesting your insulation, causing it to be damaged, and ultimately requiring you to purchase new insulation altogether to keep your home insulated and your monthly heating bills as low as possible.

Choosing bug-repellent insulation, such as spray foam, cellulose or polyurethane, as well as being more insulative than fibreglass insulation, can keep bugs away from your insulation and help to keep your energy bills down.

You should get professional pest control to come over if pests have already invaded your attic. If creepy crawlies are using your insulation as a place to camp out or as a source of food, then you should call a professional pest control service.

Pest control professionals will target the kind of pest issue you have depending on its severity, such as silverfish control, bed bug control, or flea and tick control.

Depending on whether the pest control professionals see that the issue has spread, certain types of pest control will be applied to more than just your insulation. It is especially important to take this step because certain pests, such as termites, which are very common, are capable of causing great harm to the structure of your home if left unattended.


To prevent bugs from getting into the rest of your house and save your insulation, contact professional pest control in Kitchener to check out the situation and treat it.

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