The Danger Of Carpenter Ants in Vaughan

Now here’s something we all know; insects can be very annoying. Waking up to find a bunch of them creeping around the house is not a sight we look forward to. 

The Carpenter ants in Vaughan are categorized under the “destructive pests” section. A fun fact about the Carpenter ants is they are among the largest ants in the United States. They have also been termed as very dangerous to wood and wooden structures. 

Read on to discover the danger of carpenter ants and household remedies you cam implement for carpenter ant control in Vaughan. 

Carpenter Ants Infest Wood

Unlike the termites that eat wood,  carpenter ants work on a whole new level; they create tunnels. The carpenter ants have large, strong mandibles and these jaws are used to bite into the wood. The jaws aid when they burrow inside the structure of your home. 

The carpenter ants search for weak spots in your wood;. mostly areas that are moist and decayed. They infest the wood and get to work using the soft spots as advantages.

Once they begin work on the weak spots, they expand their tunnels and end up burrowing into good wood. This is done to create sufficient space and house large colonies of Carpenter ants. 

Carpenter Ants Build Large Nests

A colony of carpenter ants can cause serious damage to your building due to their excavation activities. They work rapidly and create large nests. The nests sometimes can house over a thousand carpenter ants. 

Carpenter Ants Can Bite

Carpenter ants also have the tendency to bite. They do this when they feel threatened by individuals. The initial bite will be painful due to their strong jaws. The bite is followed by an irritation in the skin which is similar to a bee sting. 

Carpenter Ants Are Attracted To Decaying Wood

Carpenter ants are usually found in moist and decaying wood. Decaying woods are far easier to penetrate. Knowing the fact that these ants are lured by decayed wood, it is important to get rid of them. 

Carpenter Ants Damage Structures

Carpenter ants are highly destructive insects. They are notorious for causing severe structural damages. The damages would definitely weaken support beams. If the damages aren’t discovered on time, the structure might eventually collapse. 

Sometimes instead of calling over the pest control, there are household remedies you can apply for carpenter ant control in Vaughan. Here are some tips you’d find efficient and useful

Seal Up Entries

The first and most important step is to search for every little entry and close them up. Carpenter ants get into your house through cracks, damaged or weak wood, etc. So you have to ensure you get rid of any damaged wood and close up any visible crack. 

Trim Your Trees

Another preventive measure is cutting down those trees closer to the house. If you don’t want to cut them down, trimming is an equally great option. Ensure you make use of an insecticide after cutting or trimming the tree(s). 

Replace Bad Pipes

Repair and quickly replace bad pipes connected to the wood that might end up damaging them

Store Wood Away From The Floor

If you store wood in your house, you should keep them off the floor. 

Adequate Ventilation

To reduce dampness, ensure adequate ventilation in every part of the house

Clean Up

After cooking, clean up your kitchen. These guys get attracted to crumbs and food stains too. 


The major key to fully eradicating their presence is to discover the parent colony. Excavating their parent colony would make the whole job easier. Do note that carpenter ants do not spread diseases. 

Having discovered the dangers of Carpenter ants and tips on how to curb their entry, you should be assured of an ant-free home. Contact us for carpenter ant control in Ajax to remove nasty pests.

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