How To Get Rid Of Mississauga’s Black Carpenter Ants

This species of ants called the “carpenter ants” gets its name because of its interaction with the wood. Now when we say interaction with the wood, it does not include the consumption of the wood like termites. They burrow the wood to make their paths inside, which then are used for making their nests. The reason for selecting the inside of the wood is that carpenter ants usually live in large colonies and need a secure space. A space that is far from the eyes of humans and pets. This is where they set out for new missions every day. The important question is “how to get rid of black carpenter ants?”. Before going to the answer, let’s find out what black carpenter ants look like and what damage they can cause.

The Appearance Of Black Carpenter Ants

Black carpenter ants are recognized for their dark brownish-black colour. As opposed to the red carpenter ants, black carpenter ants don’t have any highlighted middle parts. The body of a black carpenter ant is distributed into three segments separated by a small waist in the middle. If we talk about their size, young ants are around 1/4 inch in length. In comparison, an adult black carpenter ant reaches a full inch in length.

Dangers of Black Carpenter Ants

As we discussed earlier that these ants infest the decaying wood, they can be really destructive. Sometimes the structural parts of a house also consist of wood that is in contact with soil. This makes the wood prone to the attack of black carpenter ants. They find it much easier to invade as compared to fresh timber. Once black carpenter ants are inside the wood that is part of the house’s structural components, you can imagine the damage.

How To Get Rid Of Black Carpenter Ants

Getting rid of carpenter ants after an infestation is almost impossible by using any DIY methods. If you happen to find these carpenter ants in your home before they have made their nests or colonies (which is also very difficult to find out), there are things you can try.

Eliminate All Sources Of Moisture

Since black carpenter ants need water as an integral part of their survival, you can make it difficult for them by eliminating moisture sources. These sources include decaying wood, standing water, and some indoor plants. You can replace your indoor plants with natural repellents such as Lavender, peppermint, rosemary, mint, etc.

Get Professional Help

This is the ultimate solution to getting rid of the black carpenter ants. The best you can do is contact professional pest control experts. They have all the experience and the tools that are required for exterminating these ants. Also, you can ask them to seal off all the entry points that can cause any future infestations.

The Take Away

The most important thing about black carpenter ants’ infestation is timely identification. Suppose you miss the chance of catching them red-handed. In that case, it will become impossible to get rid of them without professional ant exterminators. Because in an infestation of black carpenter ants, DIY methods don’t seem to work well.

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