Are Carpenter Ants in Kitchener Dangerous?


There are approximately 24 different types or species of carpenter ants. Out of all those, the most commonly found carpenter ants in Canada are the black and the red ones. You can recognize a black or a red carpenter ant by looking at their dark reddish-brown colours. The red carpenter ant has more reddish-brown on its upper body than its overall body. On the other hand, the black carpenter ant is overall dark brownish-black. How big are these ants in size? What do they eat? And are they dangerous? Let’s find out below.

How Big Are Carpenter Ants?

Starting with a fascinating fact about carpenter ants – they get wings when they mate. Carpenter ants vary in size according to their species. But when we talk about the black and the red ones, they are typically 1/4 of an inch to 1 inch in length. Their bodies consist of three segments with a tiny waist that sits in the middle of their bodies. Even their antennae are also segmented and bent.

What Do Carpenter Ants Eat?

Some people think carpenter ants eat wood, but they don’t. Carpenter ants primarily consume the food that other species of ants do. Their diet usually includes small insects, plant and animal matter, anything that is sweet and has protein. They even consume the sweet body fluids that come from other insects or aphids. They don’t exactly eat wood, but they deal with it a lot. That is why it is always best to call pest control experts when you see these ants.

How Dangerous Can Carpenter Ants Get?

Do They Bite?

Although they are not very famous for biting humans when they do, it isn’t good. Carpenter ants have big jaws. Their mandibles are sharp and can tear through our skin easily. When they are working with their mandibles, they also secrete formic acid into our skin. This is why there is a burning sensation when carpenter ants bite.

What Damage Can They Cause?

When it comes to the damage that carpenter ants can cause, they are DANGEROUS. Yes, you can expect them to damage a little more than those termites do. Having a lot of similarities with the termites, these ants are also very destructive. While termites EAT the wood, carpenter ants have much bigger goals than that. They simply burrow into the wood and move forward, throwing the sawdust out to make more extensive tunnels in the wood. They can easily find the decaying or moist wood and then start to dig out. Carpenter ants like to dwell in large colonies, and to create the most secure colonies, they go inside the wood – that’s where their name comes from. So, they can damage the structural parts of your house. What bigger damage can you expect?

Did You Come Across One Of Their Colonies?

If you happen to find a carpenter ants’ colony at an easy-to-find place, it may just be their satellite colony. Think of these satellite colonies as places where worker carpenter ants go for their smoke breaks during a long shift. Even if you destroy that colony, they will move on without any hesitation to build another one. Their actual colony, where there may be more than 50,000 carpenter ants (if they have been there for a year), is somewhere very remote and safe.


Getting rid of an infestation by carpenter ants can get difficult if you try any DIY pest control methods. That is why we suggest you go for the best and professional pest control services in Kitchener.

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