Waheed Ahmed in Toronto founded Pesticon Pest Control Inc over 15 years ago with the goal to provide the best service possible for pest control. Currently the company serves all of Southern Ontario including the entire Greater Toronto Area for all types of pest control services to residential, commercial, and industrial and government clients. We are one of the largest service providers of residential pest control in the region and very soon Pesticon plans to start its operations in Vancouver by autumn of 2015.

What Sets Pesticon Apart

  • Over 1,900 Positive Online Reviews

    Pesticon Pest Control is one of the only pest control companies in Canada that has over 1200 positive online reviews. The company has won the prestigious Home Stars award for Best Pest Control Company 4 years in a row and has thousands of satisfied customers all across Toronto.

  • Our Guarantee

    Pesticon was one of the first companies to offer its 6 months guarantee for all its pest control services; if they come back, we come back! Our technicians are highly skilled and this guarantee is to tell our clients that we are certain that we will rid their pest problems in our first visit.

  • Same Day or Next Day Service

    Most pest control companies that have national and international presence are not able to provide their clients with same day or next day service; at Pesticon we understand your need to have your pests removed immediately and the same day. Our technicians are located all across the city and we easily provide our clients with same day or within 24 hour service.

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The Pesticon Team

Waheed Pesticon owner

Waheed Ahmed

Pesticon Owner

Waheed Ahmed is the owner and founder of Pesticon Pest Control, founded in 2001. His desire and commitment towards establishing Pesticon were inspired by his willingness towards putting the consumers first, precisely by providing exceptional customer service. Ultimately, he was able to achieve this goal, enabling Pesticon to earn an A+ rating according to the Better Business Bureau and a HomeStars rating of 9.9/10 based on customer reviews. Along with his passion towards ensuring homes are pest-free, Waheed plays an active role in the managing of Pesticon, ever trying to ensure employees are trained and equipped to provide the utmost pest-control service.

Khayyam Haider

Khayyam Haider

Insect Specialist

Khayyam Haider has over ten years of experience in the pest control industry, where he has spent most of his career at Pesticon. He brings knowledge and expertise to our team. Currently, he assumes the role of Insect Specialist, and thus if you have any problems with cockroaches, spiders, and other insects, he will gladly help resolve the situation. Most importantly, Khayaam takes great pride mentoring and educating the members of Pesticon.

Ifthikar Ahmed

Ifthikar Ahmed

Entomologist, Pest Management Specialist

Ifthikar Ahmed has been one of our longest serving employees, having been part of Pesticon for over five years. Before joining Pesticon, Khan worked as a pest control specialist in the United Arab Emirates. Currently, Ifthikar is our entomologist and pest management specialist. Ifthikar has a proven track record of using the right treatment to ensure issues with pests are dealt with accordingly.

Muddesar Awan

Muddesar Awan

Cockroach Specialist

Muddesar Awan has been part of Pesticon for over five years and possessed over twenty years of experience in the pest control industry. Before joining Pesticon, Khan worked as a pest control specialist in the United Arab Emirates. Currently, Khan is our cockroach specialist. Khan is reputed for his ability to deal with cockroaches promptly, depending on the situation.

Jason Ward

Jason Ward

Pest Specialist

Jason Ward has been part of Pesticon since 2017. However, he has been an integral part of the Pesticon team, has over fifteen years of experience in the pest control field. Currently, he is our pest specialist servicing in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Jason prides himself on his willingness to cater to consumer needs which, makes him well-respected in the pest control industry.

Andre Thompson

Andre Thompson

Pest Control, Wildlife Technician

Andre Thompson is our pest control and wildlife technician servicing the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).  He has been part of the company since 2017 and possessed over fifteen years of work experience in pest control. Andre specializes in addressing problems you may encounter when it comes to mice and other wildlife creatures. Overall, Andre is an integral part of the Pesticon team.

Donna DeSilva

Donna Da Silva


Donna DaSilva is part of the receptionist team. However, she is integral to the Pesticon team. Donna has over five years of work experience in a customer services capacity. Her ambition towards providing a great experience at Pesticon makes her respected amongst fellow employees. She looks forward towards booking your next appointment with Pesticon.